Expert Market Research Explores the Top 10 Companies in the Global Industrial Hose Market

Global Industrial Hose Market


Eaton Corporation plc, Gates Industrial Corporation plc, Parker-Hannifin Corporation, Transfer Oil S.p.A, Kurt Manufacturing Company, APD Schlauchtechnik GmbH, NORRES Schlauchtechnik GmbH, Colex International Ltd., Kuriyama Holdings Corporation, ALMAPlast S.r.l., Griflex Limited, REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG, Danfoss A/S, RR Italia SPA., and Alfaflex NV, among others, are the major players in the global industrial hose market.


The global industrial hose market was valued at USD 13.48 billion in 2023. The market is further projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% between 2024 and 2032, to attain a value of USD 18.96 billion by 2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the rapid industrialization and the increasing demand for reliable components for material transportation across diverse industries.


Industrial hoses are pivotal tools used across various industries, serving essential functions such as fluid and material transport. In construction, they facilitate concrete pumping, water transfer, and dewatering. The oil and gas industry uses hoses for fluid transmission during drilling and oil transfer operations. In the food and beverage sector, hoses ensure the safe transfer of liquids, semi-solid, and powders. Other sectors like mining, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, and water and wastewater treatment also rely on hoses for material handling, chemical transfer, ventilation, suction and discharge, and cleaning processes.


The flourishing end-use industries like food and beverage, construction, chemical, personal care, and cosmetics are aiding the demand for industrial hose globally. These end-use industries are primarily driven by rapid urbanization and infrastructure development globally. The food and beverage industry is expected to increase by 5% Y-O-Y in 2024 from the previous year in the Asia Pacific. South America follows it at 1.7%, the Eurozone and UK at 1.3%, and North America at 1.1%.


Food and Beverages Output per Region, Year-on-Year Percentage Change


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hoses are popular since they are flexible, durable, and resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and UV radiation, making them suitable for diverse industries. Development of advanced materials like rubber-resin polymer alloys, which are flexible, heat-resistant, and lightweight, is also supporting the market expansion. The growing pharmaceutical sector is also increasing the demand for silicone hoses, ideal for hygienic transport and high-temperature, chemical-resistant applications.


Further, increasing mergers and acquisitions and new manufacturing setup by industry players are shaping the market dynamics. In February 2024, Singer Industrial acquired Hose Tech USA, enhancing its on-site hose repair presence and expanding its North American footprint to over 100 locations.


In January 2024, Continental invested USD 90 million to build a new hydraulic hose production plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The facility is expected to enhance Continental’s manufacturing capacities and is part of their strategy to become a leading supplier of hydraulic hoses in the Americas. The plant, which will be Continental's largest in Mexico, will feature advanced infrastructure like solar panels and SmartFactory tools, and is expected to start operations in the second half of 2025.


Top 10 Industrial Hose Manufacturers in the World

Eaton Corporation plc

Headquarters: Ireland
Establishment: 1911


Eaton is an intelligent power management company committed to improving quality of life and protecting the environment through sustainable business practices. By focusing on electrification and digitalization, Eaton is aiding the global transition to renewable energy. They aim to address urgent power management challenges and help customers manage power effectively now and in the future. The company has a presence in 175 countries with a revenue of USD 19.6 billion in 2021.


Gates Industrial Corporation plc

Headquarters: United States
Establishment: 1911


Gates Corporation specialises in creating application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions, serving both first-fit and replacement markets. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under GTES, with operations in 130 countries. The company’s fluid power segment, which includes hoses, tubing, and fittings, accounted for approximately 39% of its net sales in the 2022 financial year.


Parker-Hannifin Corporation

Headquarters: United States
Establishment: 1917


Parker Hannifin Corporation produces a range of industrial and transfer hoses equipped with covers that provide resistance against abrasion, chemicals, flames, heat, oil, ozone, ultraviolet light, and weathering. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol PH. With strategically positioned distribution centers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, the company has a global presence spanning across 45 countries. Its expansive industrial distribution network covers approximately 17,000 locations, including the ParkerStore™ network. This extensive reach enables Parker to efficiently deliver its products and services to customers in 104 countries.


Transfer Oil S.p.A

Headquarters: Italy
Establishment: 1979


Transfer Oil is a leading manufacturer of reinforced thermoplastic hoses, using top-quality raw materials from premium suppliers of engineering polymers and fibers. Renowned OEMs and leading distributors choose Transfer Oil for its direct product design capability and in-house hose analysis and qualification. Its products serve various industries and sectors, including hydraulic systems, gas and fluid handling, refrigeration, and air conditioning.


Kurt Manufacturing Company

Headquarters: United States
Establishment: 1946


Kurt Manufacturing is a manufacturer specialising in precision machine parts, die castings, and industrial products. It serves as a supplier of parts and assemblies to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other companies, ensuring compliance with reporting requirements related to Conflict minerals present in their products. Kurt Manufacturing Company operates over a 500,000 square feet manufacturing facility.


APD Schlauchtechnik GmbH

Headquarters: Germany
Establishment: 1972


APD Schlauchtechnik GmbH manufactures a wide range of thread-reinforced, mono-extruded, PU, and garden hoses. In cooperation with its sister companies of the SCHAUENBURG HOSE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, the company offers hose technology for industrial, household appliances, plumbing, and medical applications. APD Schlauchtechnik GmbH is a part of the Schauenburg Group and sells a comprehensive range of standard products from its 5,000 square meters central warehouse. Since 2001, the company has been manufacturing hoses from thermoplastic materials at its facility located near Mönchengladbach, Germany.


NORRES Schlauchtechnik GmbH

Headquarters: Germany
Establishment: 1889


NORRES holds a prominent position as a global leader in the manufacturing of hoses and flexible hose system solutions. With a strong workforce exceeding 300 employees, the company ensures compliance with an extensive array of regulations, including the ATEX Directive, UL approvals, FDA conformity, and EU directives, among others. The company has a robust geographical network with a presence in Poland, France, the Czech Republic, the UK, Italy, Sweden, the US, China, and Taiwan.


Colex International Ltd.

Headquarters: United Kingdom
Establishment: 1992


Colex International Limited manufactures and sells high-quality hoses and tubes globally. Its products include PVC hoses and tubes and suction and discharge hoses, among others. Colex also provides customised products for the offshore and defence sectors. Colex International Limited distributes its products to the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas through its manufacturing partner, NewAge® Industries based in the USA.


Kuriyama Holdings Corporation

Headquarters: Japan
Establishment: 1940


Kuriyama Holdings Corporation is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and sales of a wide range of industrial hose products on a global scale. The company also conducts the production and sales of rubber and plastics products for construction and agricultural machinery and flooring materials for commercial facilities in Japan. Kuriyama Holdings Corporation conducts its businesses across several regions including Asia, North America, Central America, Europe, and South America. The company operates in Asia through its eight subsidiaries and is also expanding their sales of rubber and urethane layflat hoses manufactured and supplied in Spain and Argentina to the European and South and North American markets.


ALMAPlast S.r.l.

Headquarters: Italy
Establishment: 1997

ALMAPlast S.r.l. stands as a prominent manufacturer, specialising in flexible PVC hoses for sectors such as industrial applications, gardening, agriculture, and building. With a focus on tailor-made solutions, the company excels in designing, producing, and delivering customised products to meet the needs of its users. ALMAPlast S.r.l. has a production capacity of more than 50,000,000 hose meters per year.


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