Top 4 Companies Lighting Up the Global LED Downlight Market

top led downlight companies


ELCO Lighting, Nora Lighting, JESCO Lighting Group LLC, and DMF Lighting, among others, are the major market players in the global LED downlight market.


The global LED downlight market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.6% over the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the rise in the increasing demand for cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions.


The rise in the adoption of LED downlights as an alternative to compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps owing to its low power consumption and heat radiation is driving the market growth. With the growing trend of sustainability, the demand for energy-efficient energy solutions is fuelling the market for LED downlights. Additionally, rapid population growth leading to more energy requirements is surging investments in LED downlight, thus boosting the market growth. The inflating disposable incomes and cost-effectiveness of LED downlights are providing further impetus to the growth of the market.


In January 2021, JESCO introduced its Magnetic Showcase Series featuring adjustable light bars. Its new MAGNETRAX™ MINI Magnetic Showcase Series is a system of light bars that can be linked in many configurable patterns to light many types of displays. It allows the product to be the focus and can be attached. It can be powered magnetically to make installation quick and straightforward. The Light Bars also rotate 360° after installation, making the aiming of a display precise and easy. In September 2020, JESCO introduced its new RLF3000 INDIRECT Recessed Downlights. Its engineered dome design and high output LEDs are positioned pointing upward in order to provide a perfectly diffused light output while eliminating glaring. Such developments are augmenting the growth of the market.


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Top 4 Global LED Downlight Companies in the world

ELCO Lighting

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 1991


ELCO Lighting  is a leading lighting products company that offers high-quality lighting products at a cost-effective price. Its product line includes exit and emergency lights, track and recessed lighting fixtures, undercabinet lighting, step lights, and wall packs, among others, for residential and commercial applications. In-keeping with the trend of sustainability, the company strives to develop energy-efficient lighting. Its speciality products include LED lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting, commercial lighting, residential lighting, ceiling mount, undercabinet, wallpacks and floodlights, brick and step, tape lights, pendant lighting, emergency lighting, LED inserts, LED housings, and fireproof lighting.


Nora Lighting

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 1989


Nora Lighting is a leader in the design and supply lighting systems that are energy efficient, with a catalogue of over 40,000 products. The company has about 150 employees and a new research and development facility equipped with latest technologies at its headquarters. It built a new showroom and training centre in 2019. It also offers an exceptional line of recessed, cylinders, track, step lights, rail, multiple lighting systems, LED drivers, pendants, linear and accent lighting, under cabinet, and emergency and exit lighting among others.


JESCO Lighting Group LLC

Headquarters: New York, United States
Establishment: 1998


Jesco Lighting Group, LLC is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of lighting in the United States. The company offers one-step solutions for the commercial, retail, residential, and hospitality sectors. It has strategic partnerships in all major regions, including Mexico, the Middle East, and Europe. The company has distribution centres in California and New York. JESCO is one of the first lighting companies to deploy LED technology and infuse it into mainstream lighting applications. In July 2019, JESCO Lighting introduced its modular and new SEAMLESS S700 LED fixture to provide uninterrupted light output in an ultra-slim design for right/left or inside/out lit cornering.


DMF Lighting

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 1988


DMF Lighting is a leading recessed LED lighting manufacturer, with a national network of suppliers and warehouses to efficiently deliver recessed LED downlight products. The company designs innovative, flexible, and quality LED downlighting products to offer a perfect balance between value and performance. It offers a wide portfolio of versatile lighting products for diverse applications. By leveraging best available technologies and cutting-edge tools to achieve efficiency and performance, the company rapidly develops prototypes and tests innovations in lighting. Driven by engineering, DMF differentiates itself through innovative designs and quality engineering, backed by responsive service and easy deliverability of its range of products.


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