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Key Companies Driving the Global Seamless Pipes Market with Technological Advancements

top seamless pipes companies


Nippon Steel Corporation, Sandvik AB, D.P. Jindal Group, JFE Steel Corporation, Zekelman Industries, Inc., and Tenaris S.A., among others are the key players in the global market for seamless pipes.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global seamless pipes market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 4.5% in the forecast period of 2022-2027, owing to  technological advancements.


A seamless pipe is a specific type of pipe made from solid rolled steel, converted into the form of round bodies called billets, and then forged into a pipe structure. The pipe’s design allows it to work at higher pressures more effectively. It may be used in oil lines as well as in gas lines for faster and cost-effective transportation. The improved design also makes it more corrosion-resistant than other welded pipes.


North America has seen a significant rise in its fracking operations, causing an impetus in the demand for seamless pipes, which are valued for their superior qualities like operating at higher pressures, faster transportation, and higher cost-efficiency. This is expected to propel the seamless pipes market. With an increase in fracking operations, it is expected that the industry will likely see a sustainable rise in the market value in North America.


Despite disruptions in supply chains and transportation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Asia Pacific is also expected to witness a significant rise in demand in the coming years because of rapid industrialisation and improvement in infrastructure. The CAGR for Asia Pacific is, therefore, expected to be high in the forecast period.


With seamless pipes offering a better quality of transport with its improved properties as compared to conventional welded pipes, their demand has increased across multiple applications. Specifically, for operations at high pressure and temperatures like oil and natural gas exploration, petroleum refining processes, hydraulic cylindrical apparatuses, and factory equipment like boilers.


The seamless pipes market is further expected to grow with new transmission pipelines being installed across different regions which may have large variations in weather. With research and exploration into other regions for alternative forms of energy, the demand for these pipes may not be majorly restricted to oil and natural gas and will find a sustained rise in other industries as well.


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Top 6 Global Seamless Pipes Companies:

Nippon Steel Corporation

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: 1950


The primary businesses of Nippon Steel Corp, a Japanese company, include steel manufacture, engineering, chemical and material sales, and system solutions. The company is divided into four segments. Its steel manufacturing business unit produces and sells steel bars, plates, pipes, special steels, secondary steel products, and other steel goods.


Sandvik AB

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Establishment: 1862


The multinational engineering firm Sandvik AB is based in Sweden and specialises in mining and construction, stainless and special steel alloys, industrial heating, digital and additive manufacturing, and metal cutting. The company was founded in 1862 in Sweden. Equipment, tools, services, and digital solutions for machining, mining, rock excavation, and rock processing are all part of its industry-leading portfolio.


D.P. Jindal Group

Headquarters: Haryana, India
Establishment: 1988


D. P. Jindal Group manufactures seamless pipes and tubes, ERW pipes, offshore oil and gas drilling, wind power generation, and merchant and project export, among other things. Through one of the group companies, turnkey international projects are also carried out.


JFE Steel Corporation

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: 2003


JFE Steel is a steel producer that uses raw iron ore to create finished goods throughout the entire steel-making process. One of the largest steel producing capacity in the world is with JFE. By creating high-performance steel materials and reduced-impact ironmaking methods, the company also helps to protect the environment.


Zekelman Industries, Inc.

Headquarters: Illinois, United States
Establishment: 1877


Zekelman Industries is a solely domestic company. The company manufactures structural steel and pipe products and is revolutionising the off-site construction sector with modular building innovations for quickly and cost-effectively constructing multifamily housing and buildings for a variety of businesses.


Tenaris S.A.

Headquarters: Luxembourg City, ‎Luxembourg
Establishment: 2001


For certain additional industrial applications and the global energy business, Tenaris is a top provider of tubes and associated services. Its goal is to provide value to customers through supply chain management, production excellence, and product creation. Employees of Tenaris worldwide are dedicated to continual growth through knowledge exchange within a single international company.


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