World’s Top 8 Companies in the Global Shrimp Market

top shrimp companies


Mazzetta Company, LLC, Apex Frozen Foods Ltd., Seaprimexco Vietnam, Liveris Afentoulis & Co., Grand Ocean Seafoods Co., Ltd, Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL, Grupo Iberica Congelados, S.A, and Ocean More Foods Co., limited, among others, are the key players in the global market for shrimp.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global shrimp market is estimated to grow in the forecast period of 2022-2027 at a CAGR of 4.5%.


The shrimp is a spineless marine animal, belonging to the foremost class of crustaceans named Malacostraca. Its structure is identified by a laterally compressed and enlarged body with long legs and antennae. Commonly available in freshwater lakes and streams, in shallow and deep waters, it is one of the most widely consumed seafood species for consumers across the globe. It is an excellent source of lean protein. Very few animal proteins contain astaxanthin and selenium which are beneficial antioxidants, shrimp is one of them. They are low in carbohydrates and fats and provide Vitamin B12 which is driving the demand for shrimp among consumers during the forecast period.


The popularity of frozen shrimp products among users is aiding the market growth. The inflating income level of the masses, substantial developments within the offline and online organised retail platforms and shifting lifestyle patterns have propelled the demand for shrimps. It also aids in avoiding hair loss, maintaining strong bones, improving brain function, reducing menstrual cramps, reducing bad cholesterol, and lowering the risk of developing lung and prostatic adenocarcinoma, which is further supporting the shrimp market.


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Top 8 Global Shrimp Companies:

Mazzetta Company, LLC

Headquarters: United States
Establishment: 1987


Mazzetta Company, LLC is one of the top producers and importers of shrimp, mussels, lobsters, crab, and finfish. The company delivers frozen seafood across the globe. It aims to provide best quality products to the consumers.


Apex Frozen Foods Ltd.

Headquarters: Andhra Pradesh, India
Establishment: 1995


Apex Frozen Foods Limited is one of India's leading producers and exporters of processed, ready-to-cook shrimp. The company is fully integrated and present throughout the entire value chain - shrimp farming in hatcheries, processing, and export. Within 10 to 200 kilometres of the Kakinada processing facility, there are farms in the Andhra Pradesh state. Currently, the company has 1,032 acres of total cultivable land for shrimp farming, of which 105.78 acres are owned outright and 926.22 acres are leased.


Seaprimexco Vietnam

Headquarters: Vietnam
Establishment: 1976


Seaprimexco Vietnam has developed into one of the top frozen shrimp exporters in Vietnam. The company aims to serve high quality products. The company holds over 20 years of experience in the seafood industry.


Liveris Afentoulis & Co.

Headquarters: Greece
Establishment: 1971


Liveris Afentoulis & Co. is one of the prominent export seafood companies in Greece with representative branches and offices in Athens and Spain. The company’s aim is to provide best quality products, along with instant availability in the market with its own means of transport. Currently, the catch from roughly 100 fishing boats is processed and sold, with between 70 and 100 people working on a project.


Grand Ocean Seafoods Co., Ltd

Headquarters: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Establishment: 2004


Grand Ocean Seafoods Co., Ltd is an international manufacturer and supplier of top-quality frozen seafood. The company is devoted to improving consumers’ way of living by enhancing their sense of taste. The company empowers consumers to buy their seafood with full confidence as the company aims to maintain strict quality control and provide real-time connectivity between aquaculture farmers, fishermen, and suppliers.


Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL

Headquarters: Thailand
Establishment: 1978


Establishing a completely integrated agro-industrial and food company for both terrestrial and aquatic animals, Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL. includes the main animal categories such pigs, broilers, layer hens, ducks, shrimps, and fish. The business adheres to production standards and uses socially and ecologically responsible business practices to offer high-quality products.


Grupo Iberica Congelados, S.A

Headquarters: Glacia, Spain
Establishment: 1981


Grupo Iberica Congelados, S.A is a global corporation having Galician roots. The business has established itself as a leader in the fishing, production, and distribution of frozen marine goods. This company, which boasts an ever-growing fleet of vessels operating in the best fishing regions, is a global leader in the selling of frozen hake and Argentine red shrimp.


Ocean More Foods Co., Limited

Headquarters: China


For more than ten years, Ocean More Foods Co., Limited has been a leading producer and exporter of frozen food in China. The business sells frozen fruit, frozen vegetables, and frozen seafood. They provide a variety of frozen seafood items, including Tilapia, Salmon, Surimi crab sticks, and Vannamei shrimp.


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