Top 6 Companies Leading the United States Smart Thermostat Market

top united states smart thermostat companies


Honeywell International Inc., Johnson Controls, Emerson Electric Co., Carrier Corporation, Bosch Thermotechnology Corp., and Lux Products Corporation, among others, are key players in the United States smart thermostat market. Other significant names include ecobee Inc., Vivint, Inc., Radio Thermostat Company of America, Lennox International Inc., and others.


The United States smart thermostat market would likely grow at a CAGR of 16.9% during 2024-2032. Smart thermostats manage a home's cooling and heating; generally, smart thermostats are app-enabled devices and offer several different features. Being smart devices, several thermostats may be regulated through voice command. Some smart thermostats employ occupancy sensors to ascertain if the resident is home or outside to automatically change temperature. Many thermostats automatically shift between away and home modes on the basis of the phone's location of the resident. Certain devices use remote temperature and proximity sensors to increase the detection range of the thermostat to other areas of the house. 


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Top 6 Companies in the United States Smart Thermostat Market

Honeywell International Inc.

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
Establishment: 1906


Honeywell International Inc. is an extensively diversified company engaged in the production of a variety of products, majority of which are employed as components in other products produced by other firms. The company’s services and products include automotive products, control technologies, aerospace products and services, power generation systems, and fibres, chemicals, and other specialty materials. Honeywell’s product line is classified into four primary sectors –Automation and Control Solutions, Aerospace Solutions, Specialty Materials, and Transportation and Power Systems.


Johnson Controls

Headquarters: Cork, Ireland
Establishment: 1885


Johnson Controls specializes in Manufacturing Operations, Engineering, Building Automation, Sales, Industrial Refrigeration, Fire & Hazard Protection, Security, HVAC, and Sustainability. The company is a key player in healthy, smart, and sustainable buildings. 


Emerson Electric Co.

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO
Establishment: 1890


Emerson Electric Co. specializes in Engineering, Technology, Internet of Things, Empowering Digital Transformation, Home Comfort, Industrial Automation, Software, Sensors, Operational Certainty, Food Quality Protection, Advanced Manufacturing, Project Certainty, Responsible Refrigeration, Energy Efficiency, STEM, Food Waste Solutions, and Sustainable Energy. The company is a key name in global technology, software and engineering; it offers engineering services for commercial, industrial, and consumer markets.


Carrier Corporation

Headquarters: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Establishment: 1915


Carrier Corporation specializes in Security, Fire Safety, Heating, Air Conditioning, Building Automation, and Refrigeration Systems. The company is a key name in safe, healthy, intelligent and sustainable building and cold chain solutions.


Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.

Headquarters: Wetzlar, Germany
Establishment: 1886


Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. is a major producer of energy-efficient heating products and hot water solutions in Europe. With robust domestic and international brands, the company offers advanced technology in the domain of residential buildings, and in commerce and industry.


Lux Products Corporation

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
Establishment: 1914


Lux Products Corporation is a renowned name in residential comfort control. The company offers smart, innovative technologies focusing on ease of installation and unfussy user experience for residential, multi-family and light commercial properties.


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