Top 10 Companies in the Global Weather Forecasting Systems Market, Leading with Technology

top weather forecasting systems companies


Accuweather, Inc., IBM Corporation, Vaisala Oyj, StormGeo AS, DTN LLC, Campbell Scientific, Inc., Airmar Technology Corporation, OTT HydroMet Fellbach GmbH, Fugro Group, and Skye Instruments Limited, among others are the key players in the global market for weather forecasting systems.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global weather forecasting systems market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% in the forecast period of 2023-2028, to reach USD 3.85 billion in 2027, owing to the climate change patterns resulting in weather uncertainties.


Hardware and software solutions are used by weather forecasting systems (WFS) to conduct atmospheric research and produce operational weather forecasts. This involves the use of tools like barometers, radars, and thermometers as well as technologies like Big Data, AI, and Supercomputers. These technologies assist businesses in receiving immediate access to information on atmospheric conditions, allowing them to properly plan all weather-sensitive operations for security, sustainability, safety, and cost effectiveness. 


The global weather forecasting systems market expansion is anticipated to be driven by factors such as the rise in demand for big data analytics-based weather forecasting, climate change, and uncertainty surrounding rainfall. The important trends driving market expansion include factors like expanding air and marine transportation, stricter environmental protection regulations, and a significant reliance on precipitation for water supply. People are now more concerned about the environment as a result of extreme weather patterns that lead to natural disasters. The market for weather forecasting systems is also growing as a result of the growing need for precise climatic information and constant surveillance.


In North America, weather forecasting technology has been broadly adopted across most industries. Large numbers of well-known technology players who concentrate on innovations are present in the area. Organisations in this region were among the first to implement these systems due to the rapid growth of technology. This is likely to aid the weather forecasting systems market.


The North America market is benefiting from technological advancements including better data analytics and increased use of supercomputers that give more computing power. On the other hand, over the projected period, Asia Pacific is expected to become the region with the quickest growth. Due to the widespread use of cutting-edge technologies, Europe will also be a major destination for market participants.


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Top 10 Global Weather Forecasting Systems Companies:

Accuweather, Inc.

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States
Establishment: 1962


Accuweather is one of the leading media and weather organisations worldwide. For more than 1.5 billion people across the globe, the organisation continues to provide the most precise and trustworthy meteorological information as well as unrivalled commercial, media, and advertising opportunities.


IBM Corporation

Headquarters: New York, United States
Establishment: 1911


The most well-known products and services offered by IBM are data analytics, cloud computing, and computer hardware and software.  A quick-updating, highly accurate, and worldwide weather model is the IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (IBM GRAF). The IBM GRAF weather model, which is updated every hour and has a 3-kilometer resolution, offers a clearer view of meteorological activity around the world.


Vaisala Oyj

Headquarters: Vantaa, Finland
Establishment: 1936


For 85 years, Vaisala has been making surprising predictions. The Mars Rovers Curiosity and Perseverance are equipped with Vaisala sensors, a world leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements. Its technologies are used in a wide range of demanding environments, including airports, national parks, data centres, hospitals, and wind farms.


StormGeo AS

Headquarters: Bergen, Norway
Establishment: 1998


With its 24/7 global forecasting desks and R&D team, StormGeo serves a global customer base with cutting-edge solutions for data science and weather intelligence. The company primarily provides services to the aviation, media, cross-industry, oil and gas, shipping, and renewable energy industries. The business employs some of the best minds in the field who develop and offer cutting-edge services and solutions.


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Headquarters: Minnesota, United States
Establishment: 1984


DTN, LLC provides information and business intelligence services.  The business provides knowledge and practical insights to support the weather-sensitive industries of agriculture, oil and gas, trading, and aviation. DTN, a company that specialises in data, analytics, and technology, provides operational intelligence to businesses with intricate supply chains all over the world.


Campbell Scientific, Inc.

Headquarters: Utah, United States
Establishment: 1974


Campbell Scientific, Inc. is a market-leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of measurement and control products, data loggers, data collecting systems, and other equipment utilised in the environmental, scientific, and industrial markets globally. They provide specialist sales and support services globally and have offices in 12 countries and representation in many more.


Airmar Technology Corporation

Headquarters: New Hampshire, United States
Establishment: 1982


The company Airmar Technology Corporation sells sensors and ultrasonic transducers. For automation control, proximity and tank-level monitoring, obstacle avoidance, and other uses, the company offers fishfinder and ultrasonic air transducers, smart sensors, and instrument transducers.


OTT HydroMet Fellbach GmbH

Headquarters: Kempten, Germany
Establishment: 1881


OTT HydroMet Fellbach GmbH designs and manufactures systems and parts for environmental and climatic measurement technologies. The company provides indoor climate measurements, calibration services, and weather, road, runway, wind, cloud, and visibility sensors.


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Fugro Group

Headquarters: South Holland, Netherlands
Establishment: 1962


Fugro is one of the leading geo-data specialists in the world, gathering and analysing detailed data on the earth and the structures erected upon it. It extracts insights from geo-data to assist clients in designing, constructing, and operating their assets in a safe, sustainable, and effective manner through integrated data collecting, analysis, and advising.


Skye Instruments Limited

Headquarters: Powys, Wales
Establishment: 1983


Since 1983, Skye Instruments Ltd designs and produces equipment for environmental monitoring, plant growth, and agricultural research. They are known throughout the world for making reliable, high-quality instruments that resist wear and tear in the field, and for providing top-notch customer support.


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