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North America Mobile E-Learning Market Growth, Trends, Share, Size: By Type: E-Books, Interactive Assessment, Video-Based Courseware, Others; By Application: Academic, Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Enterprises, Others; Regional Analysis; Market Dynamics; Competitive Landscape; Industry Events and Developments; 2022-2027

North America Mobile E-Learning Market Outlook

The North America mobile e-learning market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.6% in the forecast period of 2022-2027, owing to the high penetration of mobile phones.


News and Developments in the Market

In June 2022, Google, a tech giant, stated that it will be updating Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Chromebooks. Google Meet will now include capabilities aimed at boosting connectivity, control, and classroom productivity for users of the Google Workspace for Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Upgrade, the company announced. These technological advancements are expected to increase the North America mobile e-learning market demand.


With Picture in Picture in Meet, users may now surf other Chrome tabs while watching four tiles of students in a Meet chat, according to Google. Teachers can now incorporate polls and Q&A into live streams and directly to YouTube, to maintain student interest and constantly check for understanding. This is likely to provide significant growth to the education sector as well.


In June 2022, it was announced that SumTotal company will be sold off by Skillsoft Corp. to Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. for about USD 200 million in a cash deal. The company will be able to concentrate on accelerating growth in its core business of giving customers transformative learning experiences due to this transaction.


A vast ecosystem of partners, a platform that is customised, related to customer needs, and built on top-notch technology are a part of this company's key competencies. Such mergers and acquisitions are expected to increase the North America mobile e-learning market value.


In June 2022, Promethean stated that it has signed an exclusive distribution contract with Merlyn Mind, Inc. for the United States market. The voice-activated AI solution Symphony ClassroomTM gives teachers access to the Merlyn digital assistant and would be distributed by Promethean under the new deal. Teachers can use voice commands or a remote to operate their laptops, interactive screens, internet browsers, and application with Symphony Classroom's Merlyn digital assistant, which is specifically designed for the special demands of education.


In April 2022, a leading provider of corporate digital learning, Skillsoft Corp., said that it had completed the acquisition of Codecademy, a renowned website for acquiring technical skills. The acquisition of Codecademy's cutting-edge and well-liked learning platform expands Skillsoft's current offering and responds to users' pressing needs for modern technical skills in 14 coding languages, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data science. This acquisition offers significant cross-selling potential, which is anticipated to boost Skillsoft's bookings, revenue growth, and gross margins.


Employee Training, 5G Deployment, and High Penetration of Mobile to Drive the North America Mobile E-Learning Market Growth

A cutting-edge learning approach called e-learning makes use of electronic tools to access curriculum outside of the traditional classroom. Mobile learning is the use of personal electronics to learn in a variety of circumstances and through social and content interactions. M-learners employ educational mobile device technologies at their convenience as a type of remote education.


  • The demand for cutting-edge technologies to assist the employees in training in the business sector in North America is driving the growth of the North America mobile e-learning market. Corporate organisations profit from e-learning since it allows them to offer employees specialised training, while saving time on staff training. Employees who are busy can train after work hours as needed.
  • Strong advancement in the 5G spectrum industry and rising internet penetration in the region can also be credited with the expansion. The forecast is likely to improve further due to technological developments in digital infrastructure.
  • Due to the increased use of mobile devices, new developments in digital learning solutions have enabled learners to access content from anywhere by removing geographical restrictions and providing interactive tools that have improved the entire learning experience. Many different forms of digital media are being used to communicate the knowledge, which improves learning and concept retention. This helps in improving the North America mobile e-learning market share.


BYOD, MOOCs, and Rising Investments in IT Infrastructure to Provide Lucrative Growth Opportunities to the Market

Growing Trend of BYOD

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is expanding in schools as a result of the widespread use of devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This trend is changing how students study and how, where, and when they access educational content. This is likely to aid the market growth.


Increasing Adoption of MOOCs

Most corporate organisations have reduced the hiring of trainers in order to lower training costs and have begun utilising mobile learning solutions like Massive Organised Open Courses (MOOCs). These courses are provided by for-profit content providers like Coursera, Udacity, and Khan Academy, among others, at a lower cost.


Equipment Costs, Technical Skills, and Inadequate Resources to Pose as Major Challenges for the Market

Increasing Cost of Equipment

Increasing equipment, connectivity, and maintenance costs are anticipated to impede the North America mobile e-learning market development over the forecast period.


Lack of Technical Skills

Also, lack of technical skills among instructors and learners is projected to restrain the market growth for the next few years.


Lack of Awareness

The lack of end-user awareness of the latest technology and a lack of resources to provide high-quality education are predicted to restrain the market expansion.


North America Mobile E-Learning Market Analysis

The market can be segmented on the basis of types into e-books, interactive assessment, and video-based courseware, among others. The major applications of the market are academic, large enterprises, small and medium enterprises, among others. The regional markets in North America can be divided into the United States of America and Canada.


The comprehensive EMR report provides an in-depth assessment of the market based on the Porter's five forces model and giving a SWOT analysis. The research report gives a detailed analysis of the following leading companies in the North America mobile e-learning market, covering their competitive landscape and latest developments like mergers, acquisitions, investments and expansion plans.


  • Google Classroom
  • Skillsoft Corporation
  • Promethean World Ltd.
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • SAP Litmos
  • Thinkful, Inc.
  • Others


E-Books, Interactive Assessment, and Video-Based Courseware to be the Major Types Available in the Market

An e-book is a kind of a text that has been formatted to be read on digital device such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Bestseller fiction, classics, and reference books are a few items that can be read online instead of in paper. E-books may consist only of digital text or may include contain extras like audio, video, or hyperlinks. Several number of books can be carried on one device, and the book can be downloaded right away.


According to North America mobile e-learning market research, the term "interactive assessment" refers to tests that require student participation. In addition to absorbing the content, students can simultaneously test their understanding of it.


Learning activities facilitated by video are referred to as video-based learning. Videos, unlike any other e-learning medium, generate a multimodal learning experience by combining camera footage, animation, graphics, text, and voice.


Mobile E-Learning Finds Extensive Applications in Academic, Large Enterprises, Small and Medium Enterprises

Higher education e-learning platforms have aided international students in finishing their degrees at home while saving both time and money. Also, it provides dynamic learning processes, variable learning alternatives, and seamless progress monitoring. Real-time material and information delivery to students on any platform is now possible for educational institutions due to mobile learning. It is estimated that the North America mobile e-learning market would be driven by rising use of tablets, mobile phones in educational institutions over forecast period.


Corporates have been pushed to adopt work-from-home policies to maintain daily operational activities in response to the growing employee safety concerns. Due to the growing difficulty for businesses to train staff, connect with them, monitor their progress, and upskill them, there is a greater need among major large enterprises and SMEs for e-learning platforms. To satisfy the rising demand, a lot of companies are focusing on developing customised learning solutions.


For instance, the LinkedIn Corporation announced in April 2021 that it intended to develop a website where companies could provide staff training materials and videos on subjects including management strategy and machine learning (MI). The use of these technologies in major businesses to train a distributed workforce is one of the major North America mobile e-learning market trends.


Technological Advancements and Economic Development to Drive the Regional Outlook

The United States is anticipated to hold a significant share of the regional market. Government enterprises in North America are encouraging the integration of advanced economic development, and social welfare techniques.


The key factors anticipated to propel the North America mobile e-learning market expansion in terms of user base and subscriptions include the high average disposable income in the region, the rapid smartphone proliferation, and the use of gamification techniques in e-learning modules.


Further, the growing use of automated and advanced learning analytics, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in e-learning solutions are opening up prospects that will further raise the demand for the market throughout the forecast period.


In addition, the increase in demand for cost-effective, efficient learning techniques, coupled with favourable government policies will increase the demand in the forecast period.


Competitive Landscape

Google Classroom is utilised by schools to make activities simpler, foster teamwork, and encourage communication. Anyone with an internet connection or a mobile device can access Classroom. Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar are a few of the frequently used programmes that can be integrated with Classroom.


Skillsoft Corporation offers transformative learning experiences that helps encourage both individuals and organisations to advance together. To prepare today's workers for the economy of future, the company collaborates with business organisations and offers its services to a global community of learners.


Promethean World Ltd. produces interactive displays and educational software that can stimulate innovations among colleagues, students, and educators everywhere. The company designs interactive whiteboards, software, audience response systems, and interactive tools in order to encourage communication, cooperation, creativity, and learning,


Cisco Systems Inc. is among the top networking and information technology firms in the world. Cisco technology, software, and service options make it possible for networks to function efficiently and for people to easily access information anywhere, anytime.


SAP Litmos creates eLearning solutions for top-performing businesses. The business provides the world's most user-friendly LMS, SAP Litmos Training, along with a vast course collection, SAP Litmos Training Content.


Thinkful, Inc. is an online education platform that offers career assistance to help students find new employment and long-term professions. The company offers students individualised instruction from industry experts so they can pursue high-growth careers in technology.


Key Highlights of the Report

Base Year 2021
Historical Period 2017-2021
Forecast Period 2022-2027
Scope of the Report

Historical and Forecast Trends, Industry Drivers and Constraints, Historical and Forecast Market Analysis by Segment:

  • Type
  • Application
  • Region
Breakup by Type
  • E-Books
  • Interactive Assessment
  • Video-Based Courseware
  • Others
Breakup by Application
  • Academic
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Large Enterprises
  • Others
Breakup by Region
  • United States of America
  • Canada
Market Dynamics
  • SWOT
  • Porter's Five Forces
  • Key Indicators for Demand
  • Key Indicators for Price
Competitive Landscape
  • Market Structure
  • Company Profiles
    • Company Overview
    • Product Portfolio
    • Demographic Reach and Achievements
    • Certifications
Companies Covered
  • Google Classroom
  • Skillsoft Corporation
  • Promethean World Ltd.
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • SAP Litmos
  • Thinkful, Inc.
  • Others


*At Expert Market Research, we strive to always give you current and accurate information. The numbers depicted in the description are indicative and may differ from the actual numbers in the final EMR report.

1    Preface
2    Report Coverage – Key Segmentation and Scope
3    Report Description

    3.1    Market Definition and Outlook
    3.2    Properties and Applications
    3.3    Market Analysis
    3.4    Key Players
4    Key Assumptions
5    Executive Summary

    5.1    Overview
    5.2    Key Drivers
    5.3    Key Developments
    5.4    Competitive Structure
    5.5    Key Industrial Trends
6    Market Snapshot
7    Opportunities and Challenges in the Market
8    North America Mobile E-Learning Market Analysis

    8.1    Key Industry Highlights
    8.2    North America Mobile E-Learning Historical Market (2017-2021) 
    8.3    North America Mobile E-Learning Market Forecast (2022-2027)
    8.4    North America Mobile E-Learning Market by Type
        8.4.1    E-Books
      Market Share
      Historical Trend (2017-2021)
      Forecast Trend (2022-2027)
        8.4.2    Interactive Assessment
      Market Share
      Historical Trend (2017-2021)
      Forecast Trend (2022-2027)
        8.4.3    Video-Based Courseware
      Market Share
      Historical Trend (2017-2021)
      Forecast Trend (2022-2027)
        8.4.4    Others
    8.5    North America Mobile E-Learning Market by Application
        8.5.1    Academic
      Market Share
      Historical Trend (2017-2021)
      Forecast Trend (2022-2027)
        8.5.2    Small and Medium Enterprises
      Market Share
      Historical Trend (2017-2021)
      Forecast Trend (2022-2027)
        8.5.3    Large Enterprises
      Market Share
      Historical Trend (2017-2021)
      Forecast Trend (2022-2027)
        8.5.4    Others
    8.6    North America Mobile E-Learning Market by Region
        8.6.1    Market Share
      United States of America
9    Regional Analysis
    9.1    United States of America
        9.1.1    Historical Trend (2017-2021)
        9.1.2    Forecast Trend (2022-2027)
    9.2    Canada
        9.2.1    Historical Trend (2017-2021)
        9.2.2    Forecast Trend (2022-2027)
10    Market Dynamics
    10.1    SWOT Analysis
        10.1.1    Strengths
        10.1.2    Weaknesses
        10.1.3    Opportunities
        10.1.4    Threats
    10.2    Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
        10.2.1    Supplier’s Power
        10.2.2    Buyer’s Power
        10.2.3    Threat of New Entrants
        10.2.4    Degree of Rivalry
        10.2.5    Threat of Substitutes
    10.3    Key Indicators for Demand
    10.4    Key Indicators for Price
11    Competitive Landscape
    11.1    Market Structure
    11.2    Company Profiles
        11.2.1    Google Classroom
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.2    Skillsoft Corporation
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.3    Promethean World Ltd.
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.4    Cisco Systems Inc.
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.5    SAP Litmos
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.6    Thinkful, Inc.
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.7    Others
12    Key Trends and Developments in the Market


List of Key Figures and Tables

1.    North America Mobile E-Learning Market: Key Industry Highlights, 2017 and 2021
2.    North America Mobile E-Learning Historical Market: Breakup by Type (USD Million), 2017-2021
3.    North America Mobile E-Learning Market Forecast: Breakup by Type (USD Million), 2022-2027
4.    North America Mobile E-Learning Historical Market: Breakup by Application (USD Million), 2017-2021
5.    North America Mobile E-Learning Market Forecast: Breakup by Application (USD Million), 2022-2027
6.    North America Mobile E-Learning Historical Market: Breakup by Country (USD Million), 2017-2021
7.    North America Mobile E-Learning Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (USD Million), 2022-2027
8.    North America Mobile E-Learning Market Structure

Key Questions Answered in the Report

The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.6% between 2022 and 2027.

The major drivers of the market include the rapid growth of North America e-learning market, growing trend of BYOD, increasing investments in the IT infrastructure, rapid smartphone proliferation, and growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing.

The growing demand for advanced learning technologies to support employee training and robust development in the 5G spectrum field are the key industry trends propelling the growth of the market.

The major regions in the mobile e-learning market are the United States and Canada.

The various types of mobile e-learnings in the market are e-books, interactive assessment, and video-based courseware, among others.

The major applications of the market are academic, small and medium enterprises, and large enterprises, among others.

The goal of mobile learning is to make course materials available to students wherever they are and to provide new types of learning experiences that encourage interaction with both the course material and the outside world.

Software and hardware issues, misuse, lack of internet connectivity or electricity, and distraction are some of the limitations of mobile learning.

The key players in the North America mobile e-learning market are Google Classroom, Skillsoft Corporation, Promethean World Ltd., Cisco Systems Inc., SAP Litmos, and Thinkful, Inc., among others.

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