Leading Companies Fuelling the Growth of the Global Diethylene Glycol Market

top diethylene glycol companies


LyondellBasell Industries Holdings B.V., Dow Chemical Company, Shell International B.V., Huntsman International LLC, Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd., Reliance Industries Limited, and SABIC, among others, are the major players in the global market for diethylene glycol.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global diethylene glycol market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% in the forecast period of 2022-2027, owing to the extensive use of the product in end-use industries.


Diethylene glycol serves a variety of purposes, including those of a humectant, natural gas dehydrator, paper plasticiser, demulsifier, and lubricant. It is also used as a raw ingredient in the production of polyester resins and plasticisers. The chemical is also widely utilised in pigments and brake fluid paste because of its great softening capabilities. This is expected to aid the diethylene glycol market growth.


The market has been witnessing significant growth due to the growing demand for plasticisers in the plastics industry. Diethylene glycol is also used in the cosmetics industry for products like skin creams, deodorants, and lotions, among others, thus boosting the market growth.


Due to increased investments by regional governments in infrastructure development and increasing industrialisation, particularly in developing nations like India and China, the market in Asia Pacific is predicted to grow rapidly.


In the cement industry, DEG is frequently used as a grinding aid to raise cement fineness, ensure smooth mill operation, boost throughput, and lower energy consumption. The demand for DEG is anticipated to increase from cement producers throughout the forecast period as a result of the increase in cement demand and production. The automobile and furniture sectors in developing nations like Brazil, China, and India, in addition to the expanding construction industry, are contributing to a rise in demand for paints and coatings, thus propelling the market growth of diethylene glycol.


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Top 7 Global Diethylene Glycol Companies:

LyondellBasell Industries Holdings B.V.

Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 2007


One of the biggest corporations in the world for chemicals, polymers, and refining is LyondellBasell. They deliver substances like chemicals, polymers, fuels, and technology that facilitate responses to the largest problems facing the globe. In North America and Europe, it is a top producer of polypropylene and oxyfuels.


Dow Chemical Company

Headquarters: Michigan, United States
Establishment: 1897


Dedicated to providing customers with cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions for packaging, infrastructure, and consumer care, Dow is a worldwide materials science corporation. Dow Packaging, Dow Consumer Solutions, Dow Polyurethanes, and Dow Industrial Solutions are a few of the markets the company caters to. They provide a wide range of technologically differentiated goods for a variety of industries.


Shell International B.V.

Headquarters: London, England
Establishment: 1907


Shell International B.V. is a group of energy and petrochemical companies. The company has a workforce of around 93,000 employees and is present in more than 70 countries in the world. They use advanced technologies along with an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future.


Huntsman International LLC

Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 1970


Huntsman International LLC is a publicly traded global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated and speciality chemicals. The company is comprised of four main business divisions, each of which has a deep expertise in specific technologies and chemistries. The following are the four divisions: polyurethanes, advanced materials, performance products, and textile effects.


Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
Establishment: 1941


Nippon Shokubai Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of fine chemicals, synthetic resins, and catalysts. The products offered by the company include acrylic acid, automobile catalysts, and super absorbent polymers.


Reliance Industries Limited

Headquarters: Maharashtra, India
Establishment: 1973


Reliance Industries Limited is involved in diversified fields of business which include natural gas, energy, petrochemicals, retail, mass media, telecommunications, and textiles. The manufacture and commercialisation of petrochemical products are included in the petrochemicals section. The manufacturing and commercialisation of petroleum products are included in the refining section. Exploration, development, and production of natural gas and crude oil are all included in the oil and gas section. The company's other division consists of textile, retail, and special economic zone (SEZ) development.



Headquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Establishment: 1976


SABIC, a public company, is ranked among the world’s largest petrochemical manufacturers. The company has operations in more than 50 countries. By spotting and seizing possibilities in crucial end markets like electrical and electronics, transportation, medical devices, building, packaging, agri-nutrients, and clean energy, the company serves its customers.


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