Top 4 Companies Dominating the Global Galvanic Skin Response Sensor Market, Aided by the Growing Demand for Wearable Sensors

top galvanic skin response sensor manufacturers


Maxim Integrated Products Inc, Mindfield Biosystems Ltd, Shimmer Research Ltd, and Brain Support Corporation, among others, are the major players in the global galvanic skin response sensor market.


The global galvanic skin response sensor market is supported by the growth of the global biosensor market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 8.3% in the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the growing adoption of wearable medical devices.


Galvanic skin response sensors are increasingly used as wearable sensors and health monitoring devices to enhance the comfortability of users, hence propelling the market growth. With the increasing geriatric population with health-issues, the demand for smart consumer wearables for continuous monitoring is increasing, which is positively influencing the market growth of galvanic skin response sensor. 


Trends like technological advancements in miniature biosensor systems, microelectronics, and wireless communication, among others, as well as the rising availability of low-cost galvanic skin response sensors for day-to-day mental health and behavioural tracking, are likely to aid the market growth.


With the growing trend of health and wellness, galvanic skin response sensors are deployed in fitness tracking devices to measure temperature and impedance. As fitness tracking devices and smart watches are increasingly tracking stress levels and the emotional health of users, the utilisation of galvanic skin response sensors is growing. 


In addition, the focus to reduce the time associated with neuromarketing data analysis and analysing biometric data is increasing. Hence, various leading companies in the market are continuously innovating galvanic skin response sensors for monitoring the non-conscious emotional response of audiences to several stimuli, including new advertising materials or live performances.


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Top 4 Galvanic Skin Response Sensor Companies:

Maxim Integrated Products Inc

Headquarters: San Jose, United States
Establishment: 1983


Maxim Integrated Products Inc is a company that is engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of analogue as well as mixed-signal integrated circuits. The company offers design innovations to enable consumers to create smarter and technologically advanced products. Its products are used in diverse applications across several end-use sectors, including aerospace, communications, automotive, and defence, among others.


Mindfield Biosystems Ltd

Headquarters: Gronau, Germany
Establishment: 2003


Mindfield Biosystems Ltd is a neurofeedback and biofeedback technology company. It develops innovative software and technology for creating training methods to treat various issues. Some of its most innovative products include MindMaster® EEG, MindMaster Devices, and eSensor Sensors. The company also actively collaborates with various medical physicians and universities to develop innovative technologies.


Shimmer Research Ltd

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Establishment: 2008


Shimmer Research Ltd is a company that is involved in the manufacturing and selling of sensors as well as wearable sensor technology and solutions. Some of its leading products include electromyogram units, electrocardiogram units, and galvanic skin response sensors, among others. In February 2022, its NeuroLynQ biometric technology was used by IVP Research Labs, Ipsos, Shimmer Research, and Schlesinger Group for monitoring and analysing the reactions of Super Bowl audiences.


Brain Support Corporation

Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil


Brain Support Corporation is a medical devices and biomedical company, based in Brazil. It primarily focuses on neuroscience and offers devices, multimodal systems, and equipment, for research activities. It offers advanced technologies for sports, behaviour, education, consciousness, and cultural applications.


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