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Leading Companies Bolstering the Global Industrial Garnet Market Amidst Rising Competition

top industrial garnet companies


GMA Garnet Group, Trimex Sands Private Limited, Barton International, Rizhao Garnet Ltd, Indian Ocean Garnet Sands Company Ltd., and V.V. Mineral, among others are the major players in the global market for industrial garnet.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global industrial garnet market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% in the forecast period of 2022-2027 to reach a value of around USD 480.6 million by 2027.


Garnet exports from India and China are rapidly growing, and both the countries have a large share in the United States import market. Meanwhile, the highest consumption of garnet can be witnessed in the United States petroleum industry.


Silica is being replaced by garnet, specifically in the blast cleaning industry. Industrial garnet is also witnessing increased demand from the aluminium aircraft and shipbuilding industries for metal surface finishing and blast cleaning. This is driving the global industrial garnet market growth.


With the growing number of water treatment plants worldwide, the demand for garnets used in the water filtration industry is also rising. With technological advancements, many small and large players are concentrating on providing better quality and reliability of garnets for specific applications.


The global industrial garnet market has been growing rapidly owing to the improvements in sandblasting techniques across the manufacturing industry. Numerous industrial garnet applications have been crucial in developing profitable market potential. The surge in garnet usage is partly a result of an increase in the demand for gemstones.


A number of critical minerals and chemicals are in high demand in the industrial sector. One such material type that is employed in numerous industrial operations is garnet. Additionally, garnet is used mostly in the automobile, aerospace, and electronics industries at a certain point in the manufacturing process.


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Top 6 Global Industrial Garnet Companies:

GMA Garnet Group

Headquarters: Perth, Western Australia
Establishment: 1988


GMA Garnet Group (GMA) is a well-respected global leader for industrial garnet. The company has been supplying the waterjet cutting and protective coating industries with garnet of the finest quality. Additionally, it provides safe garnet supplies, in-depth expert guidance, and a full line of premium abrasive materials for better, quicker results.


Trimex Sands Private Limited

Headquarters: Chennai, India
Establishment: 1985


The Trimex Group is a minerals business house with operations in sourcing, research and development, extraction, procurement, and delivery. It is India's leading speciality value chain provider for industrial minerals. Top oil drilling, ceramic, glass, energy, construction, steel, and fertiliser firms throughout the world receive products from Trimex such as Barite, Bentonite, Iron Ore, Feldspar, Bauxite, Ball Clay, and Kaolin. Through two strategic business units, the Group manages supplies for the minerals industry. The international business is managed by Dubai-based Trimex International. The Group’s operations in India are represented by Trimex Industries.


Barton International

Headquarters: New York, United States
Establishment: 1878


The highest performing industrial garnet and mineral abrasives are provided by BARTON International. The company provides waterjet and blasting abrasives to address any issues with waterjet cutting, surface preparation, grinding, and polishing. BARTON waterjet abrasives, which were created specifically for waterjet cutting, are equally effective on thick steel or titanium as they are on composites, laminates, printed circuit boards, fibre-optic cables, and other delicate materials.


Rizhao Garnet Ltd

Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 2009


The hard rock garnet abrasives produced by Rizhao are of the finest quality and can satisfy even the most demanding industry standards thanks to comprehensive quality control that spans every stage of production. Both RZG Garnet (Almandine Garnet) and RZG Jadecut (Garnet Blend) have excellent hardness and density, sharp angular edges, are toxic-free and safe, have low salt contamination, are ferrite-free, and have low free silica.


Indian Ocean Garnet Sands Company Ltd.

Headquarters: Tamil Nadu, India
Establishment: 1982


Indian Ocean Garnet Sands Company Pvt.Ltd [IOGS] is a pioneer in the extraction, processing, and export of Almandine Garnet. For the past 40 years, it has produced glass and glass-related products along with metals and chemicals.


V.V. Mineral

Headquarters: Tamil Nadu, India
Establishment: 1989


Garnet sand (Super Garnet), rutile (PuRutile), zircon (OpaZr), silimanite, and ilmenite are the main products of V.V. Mineral. These materials are essential for a variety of applications in the steel industry, coating and paint industry, ceramics, refractories, ship construction, and cutting industry, among others. It is one of the largest and first private exporters of precious rare earth and industrial minerals, shipping around 700,000 tonnes of beach minerals annually.

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