Top 6 Companies Revolutionising Napping by Offering Innovative Nap Pods

top nap pods companies


GoSleep, MetroNaps, Minute Suites, LLC, Sleepbox, and SAMS Snooze at My Space, among others, are significant players in the global nap pod market.


The global nap pod market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 5.5% in the forecast period of 2023-2028. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the rising demand for nap pods in airports.


Airports account for a significant portion of the sector in terms of end-users of nap pods. This can be attributed to the increasing use of nap pods at airports as pay-as-you-go napping areas for travellers between flights. Moreover, the deployment of nap pods equipped with charging stations, reading lights, luggage space, and blower control to enhance travellers’ comfortability in airports is growing.


The corporate office sector is anticipated to contribute substantially to the market development during the forecast period due to increasing awareness regarding the advantages of power naps for boosting the productivity of employees. Additionally, the growing emphasis on holistic wellbeing at workplaces is anticipated to increase the demand for sleep pods in the commercial sector. With the growing concerns regarding employee burnout, various organisations are utilising nap pods to decrease stress and anxiety among employees.


Other sectors such as academics and healthcare are anticipated to create a substantial demand for the product in the coming years due to rising living standards and the enhanced emphasis on health and wellbeing. The rising adoption of nap pods in universities, especially in developed countries, to offer private resting space to students is expected to support the market. The growing awareness regarding the harmful impacts of lack of sleep among students is anticipated to further boost the deployment of nap pods in universities and schools during the forecast period.


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Top 5 Nap Pod Companies Across the Globe


Headquarters: Pieksämäki, Finland
Establishment: 2010


GoSleep manufactures and distributes nap pods that are portable and take up the smallest amount of space, hence providing consumers and workers with a dedicated resting area while waiting for extended periods at airports or workplaces. Nap pods by GoSleep are accessible at a wide variety of airports and workplaces around the world. With a presence across 19 airports and other locations, the company has served more than 9,160 consumers.



Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark
Establishment: 2003


MetroNaps is the manufacturer and provider of EnergyPod, the world's first chair for office sleeping. The company’s flagship product offers unique functionality, requires minimal space, and helps to eliminate sleep-related stigma. It also provides privacy visor, ergonomic benefits, timed waking, interface consoles, and built-in speakers. EnergyPods have been extensively installed in offices, hospitals, colleges, and fitness facilities in dozens of countries across four continents.


Minute Suites, LLC

Headquarters: Georgia, United States
Establishment: 2007


Minute Suites provides private retreats in airports to enable travellers to relax, nap, and work. The company aims to reduce fatigue and stress caused by air travel by offering sanitised and clean retreats to travellers. As of 2021, the company has 11 locations in airports around the United States.



Headquarters: Massachusetts, United States
Establishment: 2012


Sleepbox is a brand that specialises in providing a bed and related amenities in a small area. It is a more substantial version of a capsule hotel. Some distinct features provided by the company includes a linen-covered bed, a ventilation system, an alarm clock, an LCD TV, WiFi, a work area with LED lighting and outlets for charging laptops and phones. The company has 14 offices across the globe and predominantly offers its services at airport terminals.


SAMS Snooze at My Place

Headquarters: Delhi, India
Establishment: 2010


SAMS Snooze at My Place is a business that offers affordable accommodation to travellers at the Delhi IGI airport in the form of portable pods. The sleeping pods offered by the company include comfortable mattresses, a work desk, a flat-screen TV for entertainment, as well as storage space. The company also provides other amenities, including mini bar, room service, internet access, premium comfort, and flexible booking options, among others.


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