Top 5 Companies with a Strong Footing in the Global Potassium Nitrate Market

top potassium nitrate companies


Migao Corporation, Haifa Chemicals Ltd, Uralchem JSC, SQM S.A., and Yara North America, Inc., among others, are the major players in the global potassium nitrate market.


The global potassium nitrate market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of about 3.4 % in the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by extensive use in food and agricultural industries.


The market is positively driven by certain factors such as the growing demand for speciality fertilisers, increasing subsidies on the sale of fertilisers by the governments globally, and its applications for coal extraction in the mining industry. Furthermore, the use of potassium nitrate as a food preservative in the food industry and its use in producing gun powder, fireworks, and medicines is aiding the market growth. The growing requirement for fertilisers is boosting the market growth in the Asia Pacific region.


Usage of potassium nitrate in fertilisers has been found to be effective in helping crops with resistance to fungal diseases and improved tolerance against droughts. As food demand grows worldwide with rising populations, potassium nitrate fertilisers can be effective in improving crop yields. Its applications as a food preservative, particularly for meats such as salami, ham, and beef, is also expected to supplement the long-term market for potassium nitrate. Found naturally, potassium nitrate is also prepared commercially for large-scale applications in industries and food and beverage markets.


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Top 5 Global Potassium Nitrate Companies in the World:

Haifa Chemicals Ltd

Headquarters: Haifa, Israel
Establishment: 1966


Haifa Chemicals Ltd is an Israel-based multinational company and a global supplier of speciality plant nutrition. The company develops and markets a wide range of fertilisers such as potassium nitrate fertiliser, water-soluble fertiliser, control release fertiliser, granular NPK, biostimulants, and micronutrients for tomatoes, almonds, corn, and cotton crops. It supplies products through its 16 subsidiaries worldwide to more than 100 countries.


Migao Corporation

Headquarters: Singapore, Singapore
Establishment: 2003


Migao Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of speciality potash fertilisers globally. The company produces potassium sulphate, potassium nitrate, hydrochloric acid, ammonium chloride, and a myriad of NPK blends. It has eight manufacturing factories in China and offices in Canada, China, and Singapore to provide services worldwide. The company produces more than 1 million tons of high-quality potash fertilisers and employs more than 3,000 people across the globe.



Headquarters: Santiago, Chile
Establishment: 1968


SQM S.A is a Chilean chemical company and a global leader in speciality plant nutrition, lithium, iodine, lithium derivatives, iodine derivatives, and potassium and solar salts. The company markets fertilisers, including sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, and potassium sulphate, for the agricultural industry. It has a workforce of about 10,000 employs worldwide and has over 110 customers on five continents.


Uralchem JSC

Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
Establishment: 2007


Uralchem JSC is a leading ammonium nitrate producer in Russia and one of the biggest manufacturers of nitrogen, ammonia, and urea-based fertilisers in the country. The company provides various types of mineral and chemical fertilisers and feed additives. It produces over 1.2 million tonnes of urea, 3 million tonnes of ammonia, 1 million tonnes of phosphate, and 3 million tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertilisers annually. Uralchem JSC operates across Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany.


Yara North America, Inc.

Headquarters: Florida, United States
Establishment: 1946


Yara North America, Inc. is an American manufacturer of fertilisers and agricultural chemicals. The company is renowned for its fertiliser products such as YaraBela premium nitrates, YaraMila homogeneous NPKs, YaraLiva calcium nitrate, YaraVita Foliar nutrition, and many others for various crops. It is engaged in production, sales, research, and support operations worldwide for fertilisers and agricultural chemicals.


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