Europe Mobile E-learning Market

Europe Mobile E-learning Market Size, Share, Growth, Research: By Type: E-Books, Interactive Assessment, Video-Based Courseware, Others; By Application: Academic, Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Enterprises, Others; Regional Analysis; Market Dynamics; Competitive Landscape; Industry Events and Developments; 2024-2032

Europe Mobile E-learning Market Outlook

The Europe mobile e-learning market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.3% between 2024 and 2032. The market is likely to be propelled by the rising awareness regarding the benefits of cost-effectiveness and convenience offered by mobile e-learning.



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News and Developments in the Market in Europe

In May 2023, Glion Institute of Higher Education introduced a free online course, The Luxury Industry: Customers and Luxury Experiences, for the luxury sector. The course, delivered through FutureLearn platform, aims at bolstering the knowledge of luxury professionals. The course would offer learners insights on evolving luxury consumer relationships and is ideal for individuals aiming to foray into the luxury sector. The introduction of such courses is likely to aid the Europe mobile e-learning market development.


In January 2023, EMCDDA announced the launch of its new e-learning platform, PLATO, on the International Day of Education. The multilingual integrated platform was developed to facilitate discussion, e-learning, and online training that targets opinion, policy, and decision makers at regional or local levels.


In November 2021, FutureLearn launched free digital learning courses in Scotland. The courses, funded by the Natural Transition Training Fund (NTTF) of the Scottish government, aimed to provide 20,000 people with access to online courses. The courses were also aimed to tackle increasing skills issues while supporting small, independent, and local businesses across the country. Such launches are propelling the Europe mobile e-learning market demand.


In November 2021, Alison unveiled its free online resource, Digital Marketing Hub. The hub, featuring top recommended courses and useful articles, was aimed to expand the marketing knowledge of learners to enable them either upskill their marketing areas or launch their careers from scratch.


In October 2021, 2U partnered with Saïd Business School, Oxford University, and announced the launch of six GetSmarter professional short courses to expand its portfolio of market-relevant online business programmes. The courses were aimed at offering high-quality and flexible development programmes to learners across the globe. Moreover, the partnership between the company and the educational institution was extended until 2024. Such partnerships among the leading companies and universities and colleges are fuelling the Europe mobile e-learning market growth.


In December 2020, 2U announced an expanded partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the University of London to launch two additional online undergraduate degrees. The partnership was aimed at surging the accessibility of high-quality online learning programmes.


Growing Micro Learning Trends, Increasing Demand for Immersive Mobile E-Learning, and Deployment of Innovative Technologies to Aid the Market Growth

Mobile e-learning refers to a system that deploys various digital resources to deliver learning experiences electronically. In these processes, internet and personal devices, including smartphones, notebooks, and tablets, are typically used. Various elements such as lecture content, simulation, video, activities, quizzes, and games, among others, comprise a mobile e-learning programme.


  • The emerging trend of micro and mobile learning with shorter duration and easy accessibility is likely to increase the Europe mobile e-learning market demand.
  • With the reducing attention span of learners, leading companies are increasingly investing in developing immersive online learning solutions to bolster learner engagement.
  • The surging integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to scale, personalise, and automate mobile e-learning mechanisms and enhance the learning experience of students is likely to aid the market.



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Rising Demand for Continuous and Personalised Learning, Robust Network Infrastructure, Increasing Preference for Affordable and Convenient Education, and Technological Advancements and Innovations to Offer Significant Opportunities to the Market

Growing Trend of Personalised and Continuous Learning

The rising trend of continuous and personalised learning to enable learners to expand their skills amid the constantly evolving world of work is likely to drive the Europe mobile e-learning market development.


Robust Internet Infrastructure

The robust internet infrastructure in the region is bolstering the accessibility of online learning solutions.


Convenience and Cost Benefits

The interest towards online education in Europe is growing on account of its convenience and cost benefits.


Technological Advancements and Innovations

Advancements and innovations in mobile e-learning technology are bolstering the deployment of virtual and augmented reality, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance the engagement of online learning modules.


Frequent Recreation and Update Requirements, Low Digital Literacy and Technical Challenges, and Rising Cyberattack Concerns to Pose as Challenges for the Europe Mobile E-Learning Market

Requirement of Frequent Changes in Mobile e-learning Modules

As processes, interactions, and information of mobile e-learning modules are quickly outdated, they require constant recreation and update, which may enhance their development costs.


Technical and Digital Literacy Issues

The high prevalence of technical issues and the limited know-how regarding the use of different software used in mobile e-learning applications may disrupt the learning flow.


Risk of Cyberattack

The lack of optimal cybersecurity measures in various educational institutions may increase the risk of cyberattacks on online learning networks.


Europe Mobile E-Learning Market Analysis

Based on type, the market can be segmented into e-books, interactive assessment, and video-based courseware, among others. The market, by application, can be classified into academic, small and medium enterprises, and large enterprises, among others. The regions in the Europe market include Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, among others.


The comprehensive EMR report offers an in-depth market assessment based on the Porter's five forces model while providing a SWOT analysis. The report gives a detailed analysis of the following key Europe mobile e-learning market players and covers their competitive landscape and latest developments such as mergers, acquisitions, investments as well as expansion plans.


  • Google Classroom
  • FutureLearn Limited
  • Cisco SystE-Learnems Inc.
  • Capernaum Ltd (Alison)
  • 2U, Inc.
  • Others



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E-books, Interactive Assessment, and Video-Based Courseware, Among Other Types Driving the Market Growth

E-books, variously known as electronic books, are non-editable books in digital format. They can be read on devices like electronic reading devices, computers, tablets, and mobiles. E-books are cost-effective, highly accessible, environmentally friendly, portable, and interactive, due to which they are used to bolster the learning experience in online education.


The interactive assessment segment of the Europe mobile e-learning market is being aided by the growing use of assessments, such as quizzes, game-based tests, and case studies, among others, in interactive formats to boost concentration and improve problem-solving and cognitive skills of learners. As interactive assessment facilitates automatic, reliable, and consistent marking, it reduces the manual efforts of educators. In addition, interactive assessment tools enable educators to customise their test modules in accordance with learners’ preferences.


Video-based courseware increases the engagement and participation of learners while maximising retention and reducing cognitive overload. Such courses are cost-effective, flexible, convenient, and practical. Some of the Europe mobile e-learning market trends aiding the segment include the rising demand for accessible courses, the development of interactive video-based courseware, and the growing popularity of massive open online courses (MOOCs).


Academic, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Large Enterprises are the Major Applications in the Market

Mobile e-learning represents a significant share in the market as it enables colleges and schools to utilise advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for providing on-demand student support and personalised learning. The increasing attempt by educational institutions to create a seamless journey for students, offer engaging content, and enable them to create their own education map by deploying time management tools, learning management systems (LMS), and standardised alerts, among others, is likely to increase the Europe mobile e-learning market share of the segment in the forecast period.


Small and medium enterprises use these solutions for small-scale training. With the growing cost-effectiveness of online courses, small and medium enterprises are attempting to facilitate the professional development of their employees. Various large enterprises are increasingly utilising external online courses for training employees. The growing use of solutions like game-based learning, adaptive learning, AR/VR, and microlearning, among others, by large enterprises is likely to drive the market development in the coming years.


United Kingdom to Represent Significant Share in the Europe Market

The United Kingdom accounts for a considerable share in the Europe mobile e-learning market due to the growing preference for online learning on account of its cost-effectiveness and flexibility.


Leading universities in the country are launching various online learning courses to enhance the accessibility and quality of education, especially due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, in 2023, the University of London launched numerous online degrees, including MSc Business Innovation, MSc Project Management, PG Certificate Digital Media Management, and MSc Cyber Security, among others, that offer enhanced flexibility and the same quality as campus programmes.


The robust network infrastructure and the high accessibility of online education in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands, among others, are increasing their Europe mobile e-learning market shares. Several reputed universities in the countries, such as the University of Helsinki and Lund University, are offering diverse open online courses.


Governments in such countries are increasingly offering tools for online learning to schools and universities while facilitating online training and skill upgradation, which is bolstering the adoption of mobile e-learning models. For instance, in May 2023, the Norwegian Ministry of Education reported that about 10% of all students in Norway attended online classes in 2021.


Competitive Landscape

Google Classroom is a platform that boosts communication, streamlines assignments, and facilitates collaboration to simplify online learning while allowing users to create a virtual classroom. One of the leading Europe mobile e-learning market platforms, it is available on the web as well as through a mobile app. Various tool of Google, including Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Gmail, among others, can be used with the platform. Above 150 million instructors and learners use Google Classroom across the globe.


FutureLearn Limited offers a plethora of courses for cultural institutions and leading global universities, which are accessible on tablets, mobiles, or desktops. It is owned by both The SEEK Group and The Open University. Short courses, Microcredentials, ExpertTracks, and Degrees are the types of courses offered by the company. The company offers flexible courses ranging from introductory to advanced levels across various subjects.


Cisco Systems Inc. is a leading technology company that provides cloud, software-designed networking, and security solutions for business transformation. The company aims to support consumers to connect, automate, and secure for accelerating their digital agility in a cloud-first world.


It offers products for solutions for various end-use sectors, like mining, education, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, sports, media, and entertainment, and retail, among others. By securely connects students, administrators, and teachers using transformative technologies to enhance inclusive learning, the company is a pioneer in the Europe mobile e-learning market.


Capernaum Ltd (Alison) is a free learning platform for skill training and online education that is based in Ireland. With more than 4000 free online courses, the company has above 23 million learners in 195 countries across the globe. Moreover, the company partners with some of the leading global experts, including Google, openstax, Microsoft, the University of Cambridge, and Stanford, among others.


2U, Inc. is a company that offers online education and services. It is the parent company of edX and aims to facilitate the creation of high-quality and high-impact online learning services. With more than 230 partners and 4,000 digital offerings, the company has reached about 44 million learners on a global scale. Some of its leading partners include the University of Cape Town, the University of London, Georgetown University, and Rochester Institute of Technology, among others.


Key Highlights of the Report

Base Year 2023
Historical Period 2018-2023
Forecast Period 2024-2032
Scope of the Report

Historical and Forecast Trends, Industry Drivers and Constraints, Historical and Forecast Market Analysis by Segment:

  • Type
  • Application
  • Region
Breakup by Type
  • E-Books
  • Interactive Assessment
  • Video-Based Courseware
  • Others
Breakup by Application
  • Academic
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Large Enterprises
  • Others
Breakup by Region
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
Market Dynamics
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  • Key Indicators for Demand
  • Key Indicators for Price
Competitive Landscape
  • Market Structure
  • Company Profiles
    • Company Overview
    • Product Portfolio
    • Demographic Reach and Achievements
    • Certifications
Companies Covered
  • Google Classroom
  • FutureLearn Limited
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Capernaum Ltd (Alison)
  • 2U, Inc.
  • Others


*At Expert Market Research, we strive to always give you current and accurate information. The numbers depicted in the description are indicative and may differ from the actual numbers in the final EMR report.

1    Preface
2    Report Coverage – Key Segmentation and Scope
3    Report Description

    3.1    Market Definition and Outlook
    3.2    Properties and Applications
    3.3    Market Analysis
    3.4    Key Players
4    Key Assumptions
5    Executive Summary

    5.1    Overview
    5.2    Key Drivers
    5.3    Key Developments
    5.4    Competitive Structure
    5.5    Key Industrial Trends
6    Market Snapshot
7    Opportunities and Challenges in the Market
8    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market Analysis

    8.1    Key Industry Highlights
    8.2    Europe Mobile E-Learning Historical Market (2018-2023) 
    8.3    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market Forecast (2024-2032)
    8.4    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market by Type
        8.4.1    E-Books
      Historical Trend (2018-2023)
      Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
        8.4.2    Interactive Assessment
      Historical Trend (2018-2023)
      Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
        8.4.3    Video-Based Courseware
      Historical Trend (2018-2023)
      Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
        8.4.4    Others
    8.5    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market by Application
        8.5.1    Academic
      Historical Trend (2018-2023)
      Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
        8.5.2    Small and Medium Enterprises
      Historical Trend (2018-2023)
      Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
        8.5.3    Large Enterprises
      Historical Trend (2018-2023)
      Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
        8.5.4    Others
    8.6    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market by Region
        8.6.1    United Kingdom
        8.6.2    Germany
        8.6.3    France
        8.6.4    Italy
        8.6.5    Others
9    Regional Analysis
    9.1    United Kingdom
        9.1.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.1.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.2    Germany
        9.2.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.2.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.3    France
        9.3.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.3.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.4    Italy
        9.4.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.4.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
10    Market Dynamics
    10.1    SWOT Analysis
        10.1.1    Strengths
        10.1.2    Weaknesses
        10.1.3    Opportunities
        10.1.4    Threats
    10.2    Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
        10.2.1    Supplier’s Power
        10.2.2    Buyer’s Power
        10.2.3    Threat of New Entrants
        10.2.4    Degree of Rivalry
        10.2.5    Threat of Substitutes
    10.3    Key Indicators for Demand
    10.4    Key Indicators for Price
11    Competitive Landscape
    11.1    Market Structure
    11.2    Company Profiles
        11.2.1    Google Classroom
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.2    FutureLearn Limited
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.3    Cisco Systems Inc.
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.4    Capernaum Ltd (Alison)
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.5    2U, Inc.
      Company Overview
      Product Portfolio
      Demographic Reach and Achievements
        11.2.6    Others
12    Key Trends and Developments in the Market


List of Key Figures and Tables

1.    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market: Key Industry Highlights, 2017 and 2021
2.    Europe Mobile E-Learning Historical Market: Breakup by Type (USD Million), 2018-2023
3.    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market Forecast: Breakup by Type (USD Million), 2024-2032
4.    Europe Mobile E-Learning Historical Market: Breakup by Application (USD Million), 2018-2023
5.    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market Forecast: Breakup by Application (USD Million), 2024-2032
6.    Europe Mobile E-Learning Historical Market: Breakup by Country (USD Million), 2018-2023
7.    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (USD Million), 2024-2032
8.    Europe Mobile E-Learning Market Structure

Key Questions Answered in the Report

In 2021, the market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% between 2024-2032.

The market is being aided by the introduction of innovative courses by the leading universities, the robust internet connectivity, and the flexibility and cost-effectiveness offered by mobile e-learning.

Technological advancements and innovations, the rising demand for personalised and continuous learning, and robust learning infrastructure are expected to propel the market development.

Mobile e-learning is booming on account of the growing emphasis on skill upgradation, the rising demand for customised learning, and the increasing trend of sustainability. Moreover, low material costs, improved training costs, and enhanced productivity are driving the Europe mobile e-learning market demand.

Mobile e-learning modules are often self-paced, offer career advancement opportunities, extensive range of programmes and courses, affordability, and a personalised learning environment. Such benefits are bolstering the adoption of mobile e-learning modules.

The major regions in the Europe market are France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany, among others.

The several types include e-books, interactive assessment, and video-based courseware, among others.

The significant applications in the market are academic, small and medium enterprises, and large enterprises, among others.

The major players in the market are Google Classroom, FutureLearn Limited, Cisco Systems Inc., Capernaum Ltd (Alison), and 2U, Inc., among others.

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