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Gen Z Boosting The Demand For Smartwatch


In the smartwatch industry, the constant introduction of new technologies and features continues to shape consumer expectations and preferences. A thorough survey conducted by Expert Market Research, encompassing over 20,000 respondents in the top 10 Indian cities, provides fascinating insights into smartwatch technologies and features that drive consumer preferences. Let's look into these findings and explore how these preferences are boosting the future of smartwatch innovation.


23.62% of respondents opted for the integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Consumers, especially GenZ, highly prefer this feature in new smartwatches as it enhances the user experience. Advanced AI in smartwatches will provide features like personalized health insights, smarter notifications, and more innovative voice assistants, making daily tasks easier and more efficient.


Genz Highly Prefer Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Feature In New Smartwatches As It Enhances The User Experience


Battery life is also an important factor prioritized by 16.54% of respondents. Smartwatches are becoming more advanced and their energy consumption is also increasing, making battery life a significant concern. Consumers these days look for devices that can keep up with their busy lifestyles without the frequent need to charge batteries. Brands focusing on this concern are developing more efficient batteries and optimizing software to extend battery life. Innovative features such as fast charging, low-power mode, and power-saving processors are becoming standard. Brands like Apple and Samsung are working to improve battery performance of their products which will allow their users to go longer between charges in their latest models.


11.81% of respondents want improved biometric sensors in new smartwatches which enables to track health parameters heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep, providing users with comprehensive insights into their well-being. The usage of recycled or sustainable materials, as well as sustainable charging choices like solar and kinetic charging, are preferred by 20% of respondents. Brands are also prioritizing eco-friendly practices to gain favor from consumers who seek to minimize their environmental footprint. 


Gen Z Boosting The Demand For Smartwatch


12.5% of respondents seek unique and innovative features like Augmented Reality and foldable displays. While 15.75% of respondents say they want their smartwatches to remain simple. These consumers value actual functionality and ease of use over additional features. For these consumers, a smartwatch should primarily serve the purpose of timepiece, fitness tracker, and notification center, without any complicated features.


The survey by Expert Market Research highlights the varied preferences for future smartwatch technologies and features. From advanced AI and long-lasting battery life to sustainable materials and innovative displays, consumers are excited to see these innovations in their devices.


For brands in this industry, it becomes crucial to understand these preferences to create smartwatches that appeal to consumers. By focusing on the features that excite users, companies can create products that not only meet current demands but also predict future trends. As technology progress, smartwatch brands commit to deliver more innovative and user-friendly devices that enhance our daily lives in new and exciting ways.


*While we strive to always give you current and accurate information, the numbers depicted on the website are indicative and may differ from the actual numbers in the main report. At Expert Market Research, we aim to bring you the latest insights and trends in the market. Using our analyses and forecasts, stakeholders can understand the market dynamics, navigate challenges, and capitalize on opportunities to make data-driven strategic decisions.

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