Top 6 Companies leading the Asia Pacific Water and Wastewater Treatment Market

top asia pacific water and wastewater treatment companies


Huber SE, SUEZ SA, Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, Kurita Water Industries Ltd., Thermax Limited, and SWA Water Australia, among others, are leading players in the Asia Pacific Water and Wastewater Treatment Market.


The Asia Pacific water and wastewater treatment market would likely grow at a CAGR of 6.7% during 2022-2027. The market is expected to be driven by increasing population, urbanization, scarcity of water, and industrialization, and strict regulations related to water use and discharge. Water security is an important element of the social, economic, and environmental well-being of any nation or region. The issue assumes all the more importance in the Asia-Pacific region due to the region’s increasing economic and demographic development. Water security is vital to nations’ development goals including decreased poverty, food security, inclusive growth, gender equality, etc.


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Top 6 Companies in the Asia Pacific Water and Wastewater Treatment Market

Huber SE

Headquarters: Berching, Germany
Establishment: 1872


Huber SE is an international company with over 1,300 employees. The company specializes in innovative and high-quality stainless-steel machinery, plant and equipment for municipal and industrial water, sludge and wastewater treatment. HUBER seeks to contribute towards solving the world's water problems with adapted processes. HUBER acts as a competent partner in implementing semi-centralized, centralized, and decentralized concepts related to wastewater treatment. Through its subsidiaries, offices and sales partners across nearly sixty nations, HUBER helps customers with innovative technologies and extensive know-how in solving their tasks in different domains of sludge and water treatment. 



Headquarters: Paris, Ile de France
Establishment: 2008 


SUEZ SA offers services and equipment for potable water supply. The company treats, collects, and distributes drinkable water. Suez also offers services for recycling, waste collection, recovery, treatment and disposal of industrial and urban waste. Suez serves customers across the globe.


Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies

Headquarters: Saint-Maurice, Île-de-France
Establishment: 1853


Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies offers private and public sector clients assets necessary to decrease their environmental impact. The company develops innovative solutions to optimise consumption of water and decrease volumes employed with the objective of "zero liquid discharge". Veolia reuses, reclaims and transforms wastewater to extract more resources and convert them into energy sources. The company’s technologies decrease production costs for industries and communities. 


Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Nakano-ku
Establishment: 1949


Kurita Water Industries Ltd. offers extensive solutions through the integration of its capabilities and combination of its various services, products, and technologies in water treatment facilities, water treatment chemicals, and maintenance services. The company has R&D bases in Germany, Japan, and Singapore.


Thermax Limited

Headquarters: Pune, India 
Establishment: 1966


Thermax Limited is a leading company offering sustainable solutions in environment and energy. Thermax seeks to become a clean air, clean energy, and clean water company; the company operates across the globe through thirty-five international offices and fourteen manufacturing facilities - ten located in India, and one each in Indonesia, Denmark, Germany, and Poland. Over time, the company has developed capabilities in the domains of waste to energy, waste heat recovery, air pollution abatement, solar energy, green power and steam generation, process improvement chemicals, and water treatment and recycling. 


SWA Water Australia

Headquarters: Taren Point, New South Wales
Establishment: 2006


SWA Water Australia specialises in the design, manufacture and construction of industrial waste water treatment plants. SWA has plants in New Zealand, Australia, India, China, Middle East, USA, Spain, Mongolia and Peru. The company’s wastewater treatment projects include workshops and service stations, the mining industry, large food and dairy processing plants, oil refineries, power stations, LNG & Olefins, abattoirs and others.


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