Top 6 Companies Dominating the Global Beer Market Landscape

Global Beer Market


Asahi Group Holdings Ltd., Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg Group, Heineken N.V., Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, and United Breweries Ltd, among others, are the major players in the global beer market. 


The global beer market reached a value of about USD 649.63 billion in 2023. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3% in the forecast period of 2024-2032 to reach around USD 847.65 billion by 2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the increasing popularity and demand of no/low alcohol beers.


Beer, an alcoholic beverage crafted with hops, water, and assorted cereal grains like rice, wheat, corn, and rye, boasts an alcohol content ranging from under 3% to 40% ABV, dictated by the style and recipe. As one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages globally, beer comprises water, a starch source (commonly malted barley), brewer's yeast for fermentation, and hops for flavouring. 


The brewing process involves extracting sugars from grains, typically malted barley, and fermenting them into alcohol and carbon dioxide with yeast, resulting in beer. Categorically, beer is divided into ales and lagers. Ales, fermented at warmer temperatures with top-fermenting yeast, offer a sweeter, fuller-bodied, and fruitier taste, while lagers, fermented at cooler temperatures with bottom-fermenting yeast, deliver a cleaner and crisper flavour profile. According to the Brewers Association, the number of operating breweries in the United States in 2022 was recorded at 9,709 from 9,247 in 2021 and 9,025 in 2020.


Global Beer Market


As per the  beer market analysis, a surge in the appeal of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beer substitutes is underway, fuelled by growing health and wellness considerations and an expanding array of product options. Consumers are progressively gravitating towards these alternatives, appreciating the unequivocal assurance of zero or minimal alcohol content.


Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages and hard seltzers are experiencing substantial growth within the beer market, prompting breweries to diversify their product portfolios to incorporate these offerings. These products have captured notable market share owing to their convenience, portability, and attractive features such as low sugar, calorie, and carbohydrate content, thus propelling the  beer market growth.


In April 2023, Bira 91 launched two Limited-Edition beers, 022 Session Ale and 011 Gully Pilsner, along with custom merchandise paying homage to the Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals teams. Serving as the official partner for both teams, Bira 91 created bespoke brews and merchandise inspired by the essence of Mumbai and New Delhi. The limited-edition beers featured key packaging designs incorporating the unique landmarks and heritage of the respective cities.


Top 6 Beer Companies in the World:

Asahi Group Holdings Ltd.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: 1889


Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. stands as a global leader, offering a diverse collection of brands in the realms of beer, alcohol, non-alcohol beverages, and food. Since its establishment in Japan in 1889, the group has maintained a commitment to innovation and quality, resulting in a globally recognised portfolio that includes premium beers like Asahi Super Dry, Pilsner Urquell, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Kozel, and Grolsch. With a presence in Europe, Japan, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, the group provides over 10 billion litres of beverages globally, generating annual revenues exceeding JPY 2.5 trillion.


Anheuser-Busch InBev

Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
Establishment: 1852


Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's premier brewer, constantly seeks innovative ways to enhance life's moments and make a positive impact. Committed to crafting enduring brands, the company brews the finest beers with over 500 diverse brands like Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois. The company’s rich brewing heritage spans 600 years, originating from Belgium to the U.S. and expanding globally. With approximately 167,000 colleagues across nearly 50 countries, the company maintains a geographically diversified presence in both developed and developing markets.

Carlsberg Group

Headquarters: København V, Denmark
Establishment: 1847


Carlsberg Group, a leading global brewery, boasts an extensive portfolio of beer and beverage brands enjoyed in 150+ markets. With core, craft, and alcohol-free options, the company holds top positions in over 20 markets. The company’s commitment to brewing excellence aligns with responsible and sustainable business practices, delivering value to both shareholders and society. As a global brewer with 140+ brands, the company continuously strive to enhance its beers for today and tomorrow.

Heineken N.V.

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Establishment: 1864


HEINEKEN, the world's foremost international brewer, excels in premium beer and cider brands with a portfolio exceeding 300 options. Anchored by Heineken®, the group prioritises innovation, sustained brand investment, precise sales execution, and prudent cost management. With a balanced global presence across 70+ countries, HEINEKEN's 80,000+ employees operate breweries, malteries, and cider plants. This extensive reach empowers the company to influence consumer trends and explore new market opportunities.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 1980


Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., America's oldest craft startup, began with a hand-built brewhouse, dedicated to crafting top-tier ales and lagers responsibly. Renowned for the best-selling Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, the company's founder is intricately involved in all brewery aspects, emphasising quality in ingredients and brewing techniques. This commitment extends to pioneering beer styles and environmental initiatives. 

United Breweries Ltd

Headquarters: Bangalore, India
Establishment: 1915


A division of Heineken NV, United Breweries Ltd. (UBL) is a producer and distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. As market leaders, the iconic Kingfisher brand connects with consumers, offering a diverse portfolio, including Kingfisher Strong, Heineken, and more. Established in 1915, the beer business has thrived, with Kingfisher gaining international acclaim and dominating the Indian beer market. The company continues to innovate and expand the global presence with a robust distribution network.


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