Top 10 Companies in the Global Drone Package Delivery Market, Leading with Technological Advancements

top drone package delivery companies Inc., Airbus SE, Alphabet Inc., Flytrex Inc., United Parcel Service, Deutsche Post AG, Zipline International Inc., Wingcopter GmbH, SkyDrop, (formerly Flirtey), and Matternet, among others, are the key players in the global market for drone package delivery.


The global drone package delivery market reached a value of around USD 975.8 million in 2021. The market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of about 41.80% in the forecast period of 2023-2028 to reach a value of around USD 7943.662 million by 2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global drone package delivery market is being driven by the growth of online shopping and increase in deliveries worldwide. 


Drones used for package delivery are unmanned aircrafts that are used to transport cargo. There are three different varieties of drones used in the drone delivery service market, including hybrid, rotor, and fixed-wing models. These drones are growing in popularity because they reduce traffic and deliver packages on schedule. As a result of its ability to take off and land vertically and fly at high speeds, drones are being used by cargo and logistics transportation companies to deliver items to remote locations. Additionally, the drone package delivery market is expanding as a result of the rising investments made by meal delivery aggregators and e-commerce businesses.


The internet of things (IoT) and other cutting-edge technologies are predicted to create new prospects for delivery drones and the commercial drones market. The revenue of the market for drone package delivery is being driven by the increase in restaurants and quick service aggregators. The demand for this industry is bolstered by small airframe structures, high durability, along with motion sensing and position tracking. 


These drones are currently appreciated by medical emergency professionals for expeditious and on-time delivery of life-saving medical supplies. In order to successfully implement same-day package delivery, companies in the logistics and transportation, retail, agricultural, and healthcare sectors are working to include drone delivery into their business models. However, during the anticipated period, the high cost of the newest technical advancements in these drone package delivery systems is anticipated to impede the drone package delivery market expansion.


The drone package delivery method also contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, which is important given the rising carbon footprint and the effects of global warming. The market will rise as a result of rising investments in the development of this delivery technology, as well as the system's lower operational costs than those of a vehicle delivery system.


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Top 10 Global Drone Package Delivery Companies: Inc.

Headquarters: Washington, United States
Establishment: 1994
Website: Inc is an online store and web service company. The company sells goods like clothing, auto and industrial supplies, electronics, cosmetics, health and beauty aids, sporting goods, groceries, motion pictures, music, toys, and tools, among other things. Additionally, it offers ancillary support services including cloud web hosting, home shipment and delivery, and other online-related services.


Airbus SE

Headquarters: Leiden, Netherlands
Establishment: 1970


Airbus SE (Airbus) specialises in aerospace, military, and space areas. The business produces commercial planes, passenger planes, helicopters, business jets, unmanned aerial systems, and freighter planes. Airbus is one of the early adopters of drone integration in the delivery of packages. The Skyways initiative aims to show that using drones for last-mile package delivery is practical. Airbus has created one of the first drones for urban package delivery as part of the Skyways project.


Alphabet Inc.

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 2015


An international technological business, Alphabet Inc. (Alphabet), is the holding company for Google. It offers a wide variety of services and platforms, such as calendars, search, maps, advertisements, Google Cloud, Gmail, Google Play, Chrome, Android, and YouTube. The company is also investing in infrastructure, data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).


Flytrex Inc.

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
Establishment: 2013


Flytrex offers drone delivery solutions for the food and retail industries. The business creates drone delivery systems that streamline deliveries and increase efficiency by cutting down on expenses and delivery times. The maximum weight that Flytrex drones can transport is 6.5 lbs, and they can fly for around 6 aerial miles. The drones require little handling, which reduces the need for staff and guarantees a speedy delivery each and every time.


United Parcel Service

Headquarters: Georgia, United States
Establishment: 1907


United Parcel Service is one of the leading package delivery companies in the world and a top supplier of solutions for global supply chain management. The company provides same-day, next-day, two-day, and three-day delivery choices for ground and air package transportation services, as well as domestic residential ground services. It provides worldwide shipping services in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.


Deutsche Post AG

Headquarters: Bonn, Germany
Establishment: 1995


The company Deutsche Post AG offers logistics and mail delivery services. It provides mail services under the brand name Deutsche Post and logistical services under the brand name DHL. Among the services offered by the business are international express, ocean freight, air freight, and overland freight forwarding. It also offers outsourcing and system solutions, e-commerce, contract logistics, and supply chain management services.


Zipline International Inc.

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 2014


By combining its expertise in robotics and autonomy, Zipline develops, manufactures, and oversees one of the largest automated delivery systems in the world. For people, governments, major brands, and health care systems, the company offers immediate logistics commercial deliveries, in addition to supply chain management services.


Wingcopter GmbH

Headquarters: Weiterstadt, Germany
Establishment: 2017


The German company Wingcopter specialises in the last-mile logistics of parcels, tools, spare parts, meals, and groceries. Wingcopter also produces eVTOL, fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and offers drone delivery services. The 120-person team is committed to enhancing and saving lives all across the world through significant business and humanitarian applications. Its Wingcopter 198 can fly long distances as effectively and rapidly as a fixed-wing aircraft, even in strong wind and rain, and it can take off and land vertically like a multicopter.


SkyDrop, (formerly Flirtey)

Headquarters: Nevada, United States
Establishment: 2013


SkyDrop (previously Flirtey) is a full-stack solutions supplier of hardware and software for autonomous last-mile drone delivery. SkyDrop holds a significant number of patents and is the market leader in commercial drone delivery, with a mission to make delivery instant for everyone and a vision of drone delivery that is safer, faster, quieter, more inexpensive, and environmentally responsible. The company made history when it made the nation's first-ever FAA-approved drone delivery in 2015.



Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 2011


With the use of Matternet, everyone can access commodities with the same ease and accessibility as information. Best-in-class technology has been created by Matternet for on-demand aerial distribution in metropolitan settings. The business offers healthcare and logistics industries access to its technological platform as a service.


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