Top 8 Companies Providing Effective Support to the Global Frequency Converter Market

top frequency converter companies


General Electric, ABB Ltd, Georator Corporation, N.R. Electric Co, Ltd, Avionic Instruments, LLC, Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Power Systems & Controls, Inc, and Sinepower, among others, are significant players in the global market for frequency converters.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global frequency converter market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% between 2022 and 2027, owing to the increasing use of frequency converters in end-use industries.


Alternating current (AC) equipment used to convert alternating current (AC) from one frequency to another is referred to as a frequency converter, sometimes known as a frequency changer. They are power conversion devices that change a voltage’s sine-wave power or line power's set frequency and output into a variable voltage output. For proper frequency change, it uses a mix of semiconductors and diodes.


The growing industrial use of frequency converters is driving the global frequency converter market. In addition, developing countries have a growing need for efficient electric machinery and high-tech equipment, aiding the market growth. Another factor driving the global market is high-speed rails that utilise frequency converters to monitor pump, engine, and fan speeds.


The device is also extensively used in the military and aerospace industries to monitor refining axes' operations. These converters are used in manufacturing to enhance performance and overall productivity. Offshore wind power production is further driving the worldwide frequency converter market. Product developments, such as improved output filters that block common mode currents while converting phase-to-phase voltage into a sinusoidal signal, are further promoting the market growth.


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Top 8 Global Frequency Converter Companies:

General Electric

Headquarters: Massachusetts, United States
Establishment: 1892


Global corporation General Electric Company (G.E.) has its corporate headquarters in Boston. Aviation, healthcare, power, renewable energy, the digital economy, additive manufacturing, and venture capital and financing are among the company's segments. GE is essential to the production and delivery of electricity to people worldwide. From gas turbines to transmission utilities, the firm continues to forge new ground.



Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
Establishment: 1988


ABB Ltd., a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation with headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland, was once known as ASEA Brown Boveri. Robotics, electricity, large electrical appliances, and automation technologies make up the majority of its activities. It is a top global technology corporation that drives social and industrial change for a more prosperous and sustainable future.


Georator Corporation

Headquarters: Virginia, United States
Establishment: 1950


Georatar Corporation develops and manufactures electrical rotational frequency converters, including 400 Hz permanent magnet generators and motor-generator set 50-60-400 Hz. Numerous company items have operated without interruption for more than 20 years with minimal maintenance. Since 1985, the firm has developed numerous solid-state (electronic) products for the frequency converter and U.P.S. markets. These lines provide accuracy and flexibility in situations where rotary frequency converters are not suitable. Georators manufacture solenoid solid-state frequency converters with the same standards as rotary units.


N.R. Electric Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: China
Establishment: 1995


N.R. Electric are committed to providing solutions for electric power production, transmission, and distribution. It offers a wide variety of electrical and power electronics solutions to its global clients. N.R. Electric has dedicated decades to its client's success and major projects. The technologies are used for mega power plants, long-distance HVAC and HVDC transfers, industries, and eco-friendly wind and solar farms.


Avionic Instruments, LLC

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States


Avionic Instruments is a leading innovator in sophisticated power conversion technology. It is a designer and producer of mission-critical power electronics and specialises in ruggedised power distribution and energy storage solutions. Avionic is involved in custom product design, sophisticated research and development, production, testing, and data support along with power electronics solutions that are lightweight and reliable.


Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Headquarters: Munich, Germany
Establishment: 1847


Europe's largest industrial manufacturing company, Siemens AG, is a worldwide conglomerate with its headquarters in Munich. Industry, Energy, Healthcare (Siemens Healthineers), Infrastructure and Cities are the company's four main business divisions. Siemens is a leading provider of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. Siemens is one of the world's largest manufacturers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies.


Power Systems & Controls, Inc.

Headquarters: Virginia, United States
Establishment: 1965


Global power quality requirements have been met by Power Systems & Controls Inc. of Richmond, Virginia. Frequency conversion, uninterruptible power supply (U.P.S.), voltage control (static and rotary), power conditioning, electrical isolation, and inverters are PS&C's specialities. PS&C has long-standing connections with the military and intelligence communities, including the D.O.D., N.S.A., Army, Navy, and Air Force. PS&C has designed and built power systems for the military and other organisations.



Headquarters: Aveiro, Portugal
Establishment: 2003


Incorporated in 2003, SINEPOWER is a spin-off from MLA Power Systems in South Africa. Sinepower is a manufacturer and designer of uninterruptible power supplies, static frequency converters, inverters, and other power electronic equipment. They provide dependable power solutions for a wide variety of applications and are ready to assist customers in determining the optimum solution for their power requirements.


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