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Global Seed Treatment Market to Grow at a CAGR of 9.9% During the Period 2022-2027, Driven by Need to Protect Seeds from Diseases

According to a new report by EMR titled, ‘Global Seed Treatment Market Report and Forecast 2022-2027’, the global seed treatment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% during the period 2022-2027, led by innovative solutions by leading companies.

The global seed treatment market is expected to be driven by the need to protect seeds from different types of diseases, and innovative solutions by leading companies. Methods of seed treatment include fungicidal and insecticidal dressing, hardening, fortification, pelleting, infusion, osmotic priming, fluid drilling, separation of viable seeds. North America, Europe and Asia Pacific are likely to be key markets.


Key Industry Developments

In 2021, Solvay and Bayer announced the successful closing of Solvay's previously announced acquisition of Bayer’s global Coatings Business, with facilities in Méréville, France, and tolling operations in the U.S. and Brazil. The business was recognized across the globe for seed coating and seed enhancement products including Peridiam, fluency powders, Certop, Pro-Ized Pigment, and Talkum, and its research and development capabilities for on-seed formulations. The acquisition continued Solvay's strategy to strengthen its range of sustainable, bio-based solutions for agricultural customers, fully aligned to the company’s G.R.O.W. strategy.

In 2017, Bayer launched two rice seed treatment products – Routine® FS (18% isotianil) and Kirappu Seed® FS (29.2% ethiprole) - in Japan. Routine FS (contained isotianil as the active ingredient) was a seed treatment rice blasticide for box seedling rice and water-seeded rice. Kirappu Seed was a seed treatment insecticide product for water-seeded rice; it contained the active ingredient ethiprole, which controlled rice brown weevil.

In 2022, Syngenta Crop Protection’s Seedcare business unveiled VICTRATO®, a novel technology with a powerful combination of nematode and disease control for growers looking to enhance the quality and yield of their crops and support the long-term health of their soil. VICTRATO® contained TYMIRIUM® technology, which offered long-lasting protection against all plant parasitic nematodes and key fungal diseases across key crops, including corn, soybeans, cotton, cereals, and rice. In 2022, Syngenta announced new seed treatment option for soybean farmers. The EPA registered a new seed treatment innovation from the company. Such solutions are expected to drive the global seed treatment market. CruiserMaxx APX offered soybean farmers protection against early-season insects and disease.

In 2018, Syngenta introduced SALTRO™, a new seed treatment fungicide containing ADEPIDYN™, Syngenta’s novel fungicide molecule with SDHI mode of action. SALTRO™ offered outstanding control of diseases such as Blackleg in canola, Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) in soybeans, and Bakanae in rice.

In 2021, BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions received registration from Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for Vercoras®, the company’s first seed treatment for InVigor® hybrid canola. Vercoras delivered broad-spectrum protection against key seed and soil-borne diseases such as blackleg during the critical early season infection period, as well as baseline protection against flea beetles.

In 2020, BASF announced the expansion of its Sparks, GA, facility. The company invested nearly $70 million in capital improvements to produce seed treatment formulations that would also create 30 new jobs at the site. The investments would provide needed solutions for farmers while contributing to the economic development of the communities it served. Such investments are likely to boost the growth of the global seed treatment market.

In 2021, it was reported that Corteva Agriscience estimates showed that innovative seed treatments were being employed on over 10 million hectares in Europe as the company accelerated efforts to meet growing demand for products of natural origin.

In 2022, Corteva Agriscience officially opened its Centre for Seed Applied Technologies (CSAT) laboratory in Rosslyn, Pretoria, one of only six across the world. The modern facility would utilise industry-leading equipment and focus precisely on recipe development and safety testing of seed applied solutions. The site would also be integrated into Corteva’s global CSAT network and was strategically positioned to fulfil the demands of grain producers across Africa Middle East (AME), ensuring farmers access to high-quality seed and better field performance.

Key Findings of the Report:

  • The global seed treatment market is expected to be driven by the need to protect seeds from various pathogens and insects.
  • Innovative solutions by leading companies and investments into research and development and expansion of capabilities are expected to boost market growth.
  • North America, Europe and Asia are projected to be key markets.

Market Analysis by Type, Function, Treatment Method, Stage of Seed Treatment, Crop Type and Region:

  • By type, the market is segmented into Synthetic (further broken down by type into Fungicides, Insecticides, and Others) and Biological (further broken down by type into Bio Pesticides, Bio Fertilizer, and Bio Stimulants).
  • By function, the market is divided into Seed Protection and Seed Enhancement.
  • By treatment method, the market is classified into Seed Coating, Seed Dressing, and Seed Pelleting. 
  • By stage of seed treatment, the market is segmented into On-Farm and Off-Farm.
  • By crop type, the market is divided into Cereals, Oilseeds, Fruits and Vegetables, and Others.
  • By region, the market is classified into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa.

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