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Ingredion Launches a Range of Hydrocolloid Texturizers to Improve Food Properties

Ingredion Launches a Range of Hydrocolloid Texturizers to Improve Food Properties


One of the features which attract a consumer towards food is its appearance. Food lovers across the world always prefer food with good texture, aroma and artistic garnishing as compared to a plate of daily serving. Hence, texturizers are of immense importance for the food and beverage industry.


It not only adds flavor or enhances the texture of food items, but also imrpoves its appearance. Hence, there is a high demand for texturizers that are able to render food items an appearance without compromising its taste. Ingredion, a well-known name in the industry as a supplier of premium quality texturizers, is expanding its portfolio by introducing single hydrocolloids which includes cellulose gum, gum acacia and tara gum. This will aid in improving emulsification, textural stability and protein protection of numerous food products.


Demand for sugar-free beverages from health-conscious consumers

The beverage industry, especially the soft drinks domain, is the biggest user of texturizers. A couple of years back, sugar content added to texturizers almost became a point of concern amongst the calorie-conscious consumers. As a result, various companies are manufacturing gluten-free and low-calorie texturizers in order to meet the requirement of consumers. Targeting the huge mass of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the Company proclaims to have improved the quality of texturizers with hydrocolloids that will not affect the taste and protect the quality of the product.


Europe has already levied taxes on the sugar content of several beverages. Hence, the prices of sugar-sweetened beverages have been shot up. To manage the situation and maintain the demand-supply balance, Ingredion has incorporated pre-hydrated gum arabic in the low-sugar content versions of soft drinks and other beverages. The sensory experience and taste of the product being the same have led its acceptance among customers. Changing trends show that the revenue generated from controlled sugar beverages have gone up as compared to their earlier products containing sugar sweeteners. This proves the relevance of the introduction of gum-based texturizes in the market by Ingredion.


Sugar-free variants of texturizers

Pre-Hydrated Gum Arabic- Gum arabic is pre-hydrated and agglomerated in nature owing to which it easily dissolves and mixes in drinks. This quality of gum-based texturizers considerably reduces the dusting and mixing time required, making the production process faster. A spray dried gum arabic strengthens drinking experience and mouthfeel even in reduced-sugar beverages. It can also be employed as a film-forming agent in the production of confectionary items.


Cellulose- Ideal for bakery products, the medium-viscosity cellulose gum is capable of retaining moisture and is a perfect solution for enhancing the taste and flavor of baked items.


Tara gum- Used extensively as a gelling agent or a thickener, tara gum is a perfect texturizer for dairy, bakery and savory products. Apart from this, it is also added to other starches or gums to increase stabilization and viscosity, and render an excellent mouthfeel and texture to several food products.


The addition of gums is an attempt to help manufacturers introduce new products without compromising the mouthfeel. With this, Ingredion has come all the way to ensure health and taste to everyone. The new launch of gum-based texturizers by the Company will not only be a great commercial move but will also help consumers maintain better health.


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