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Top 4 Global Pyrite Market Companies Across the World Explored by Expert Market Research

Top 4 Companies in the Global Pyrite Market


Veneta Mineraria S.p.a., Hickman, Williams & Company, Justo Gems S.A.C., Foshan Pyrite Mineral Materials Co., Ltd., and Pakistan Minerals Company, among others, are the major players in the global pyrite market.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global pyrite market is being driven by the rising sulphuric acid market. In the forecast period of 2022-2027, the sulphuric acid industry is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.3%.


The rising industries of jewellery and sulphur compounds are boosting the market growth of pyrite immensely. Pyrite is an important compound for a vast range of industries. It is used as a filler for brake lines and grinding wheels in the grinding industry and also as a semiconductor and an electrode in the electronics industry. Pyrite is also a key component in the production of paper in the paper and pulp industries. It is considered to be a useful substitute for photovoltaic solar panels as it is very cheap and easily available. The rising demand for pyrite in the production of sulphuric acid and sulphur dioxide has helped the growth of the market tremendously. Pyrite, as excellent iron ore, can boost the market growth immensely if the current iron ore becomes scarce.


The rapid growth of the industry in the Asia Pacific region has helped in the rise of the global pyrite market. The increasing demand for pyrite from developing economies like China and India has also made the Asia Pacific region important for the global pyrite market. The demand for low-cost materials for the manufacturing processes of jewellery and sulphuric acid is significantly growing in China, thereby increasing the growth of the pyrite market tremendously. The development of the paper and chemical industries in the regions of Latin America and the Middle East and Africa is helping in the growth of the market as well.

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Top 4 Global Pyrite Companies:

Veneta Mineraria S.p.a.

veneta mineraria

Headquarters: Este, Italy
Establishment: 1944

The company deals with the design, production, and sale of mineral-based products, and is the leading producer of sulphides and oxides in Europe. The minerals produced by the company are used as raw materials in a variety of industries such as the steel industry for workable steel, the glass industry for containers, and the automobile industry for brake pads and other products.

Hickman, Williams & Company

hickman williams company

Headquarters:  Ohio, United States
Establishment: 1890

The company provides a range of materials such as coal, metallurgical coke, pig iron, ferroalloys, abrasives, fused silica, carbon additives, and briquetted alloys to metal producers and industries around the world. The company maintains a network of strategically located sales offices, plants and warehouses to assure prompt delivery.

Justo Gems S.A.C.

justo gems

Headquarters: Lima, Peru
Establishment:  Over 20 years ago

Justo Gems deals with the manufacture and sale of crafts, textiles, and semi-precious stones such as angelite, rhodonite, jasper, nephrite and pyrite. It also works with artisans in producing beautiful crafts, giving their customers high quality products. The company also specialises in selling wooden handicrafts, textiles, alpaca, vicuna, llama, sheep, gold and silver jewellery and semiprecious stones.

Foshan Pyrite Mineral Materials Co., Ltd

foshan pyrite mineral

Headquarters: Foshan, China
Establishment: 2005

This company is involved in the production and sale of high-grade pyrite. The company is one of China’s largest pyrite exporters and their products are exported mainly to South America, East Asia, Australia, Western Europe and Taiwan markets. Their products are used for a variety of purposes such as smelting, casting, soil conditioning, lithium battery cathode materials, and as an absorbent of heavy metals in wastewater.

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