Top 6 Leading Companies in the Benzyl Chloride Market Evolving the Chemical Industry Globally

Top 6 Leading Companies in the Benzyl Chloride Market


Lanxess AG, Nippon Light Metal Holdings Company Ltd., Shanghai Xinglu Chemical Technology Co. Ltd, Valtris Specialty Chemicals, Hubei Phoenix Chemical Company Limited, and Benzo Chem Industries Pvt Ltd., among others are the key players in the global benzyl chloride market.


The global benzyl chloride market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3% in the forecast period of 2022-2027. Benzyl chloride is used in the production of benzyl alcohol.


As the demand of the alcohol increases, the demand for benzyl chloride increases. Benzyl alcohol is used in paints and coatings industry, and the growth of this industry has aided in the growth of the benzyl chloride market. Benzyl peroxide, a crucial ingredient in the skin care industry, is also derived from benzyl chloride. Benzyl chloride is also used to manufacture plastic products. The increasing demand of all these markets increases the demand of benzyl chloride, and hence the global benzyl chloride market is growing rapidly.


Benzyl chloride has a high market share in Asia Pacific. It is expected to continue to lead the market in the forecast period due to high demand for the product in end-use industries in this area, such as the rapidly increasing pharmaceutical industry and the paint and coating sectors. This market's primary development areas will be China, India, and Southeast Asia. Benzyl chloride is also a big seller in North America. Benzyl quaternary ammonium compounds and benzyl cyanide, for example, are likely to see increased production, which will drive the regional demand for benzyl chloride.


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Top 6 Global Benzyl Chloride Companies:

Lanxess AG

Headquarters: Cologne, Germany
Establishment: 2004


Lanxess is a leader in the chemicals industry, with about 14,900 employees across 33 countries. The core business of this company is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, speciality chemicals and plastics.. The company had sales of EUR 7.6 billion in 2021.


Nippon Light Metal Holdings Company, Ltd.

Headquarters: Shizuoka, Japan
Establishment: 2012


Nippon Light Metals manufactures a wide range of chlorinating agents, and benzyl chloride is one of the major chemicals produced by them. It provides its products to various industries such as the vehicle industry, electrical industry, machinery industry, power providers, environment industry etc. NLM uses a workflow of "explore, create, make, and sell" to produce high value added products and services that are competitive in the marketplace.


Shanghai Xinglu Chemical Technology Co. Ltd.

Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Establishment: 2017 


Located in the economic centre of Shanghai, Xinglu Chemical Technology is right next to the market, proving to be a strategic position. Currently, the company has two production factories in Shandong province. Xinglu Chemical are well known exporter and manufacturer and supplier and trading company of aluminium master alloy, rare earth metals etc. The company is well known for the best quality products and service from Shanghai.


Valtris Specialty Chemicals

Headquarters: Ohio, United States
Establishment: 2014


Valtris Specialty Chemicals provides speciality chemicals to various industries such as construction industry and oilfield additive industry. The company may have been founded in 2014, but the parent company Polymer Additivies Holdings Inc has 75 years of experience in the chemical industry. Valtris Specialty Chemicals has a broad and expanding product portfolio that brings quality materials and innovative solutions to customers around the world.


Hubei Phoenix Chemical Company Limited

Headquarters: Hubei, China
Establishment: 2013


Hubei Phoenix Chemical is committed to be a leader in the chemical industry, as well as be a good sales agency. The company was found after 20 years of research on the chemicals produced and has formed six lines more than 50 products including toluene oxidation, toluene chlorination, flavour and fragrance, chemical auxiliary, reactive diluents, and the curing agent for epoxy systems and so on.


Benzo Chem Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Establishment: 1986


One of the older companies in the field, Benzo Chem has grown over the decades. The company has a global presence as it exports its chemical products to countries such as the United States, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It is a market leader in the manufacturing products based on chlorination and cyanation. With the passage of time the company diversified its production expertise and started producing derivatives based on Para Chloro Toluene, 2,4-Dichloro Toluene, Meta Chloro Toluene, Ortho Chloro Toluene, 3,4-Dichloro Toluene and speciality products.

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