Expert Market Research Explores the Top 10 Companies in the Indian Cold Chain Market

Top Cold Chain Companies in India


CEVA Logistics SA, Snowman Logistics Limited, TCIEXPRESS LIMITED, GK Cold Chain Solutions, Coldrush Logistics Pvt. Ltd., ColdEX Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Gubba Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd., Future Enterprises Limited, Container Corporation of India Limited (Fresh and Healthy Enterprises Ltd.), Coldman Logistics Pvt.Ltd., among others, are the major players in the India cold chain market.


The Indian cold chain market reached a value of nearly INR 1918.86 billion in 2023. The industry is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.3% over the forecast period of 2024-2032 to attain a value of INR 6388.55 billion by 2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the growth of retail and e-commerce industry.


Cold chain logistics are temperature-controlled supply chain that includes several refrigerated production, storage, and delivery operations. They use equipment which aids in keeping a suitable temperature range, guaranteeing the preservation, and increasing the shelf life of a variety of products that are sensitive to temperature.


Cold Chain Market Opportunity by 2030 Across Different Value Chains( in USD Billion)


The cold chain market in India is anticipated to expand due to shifting consumer tastes and rising e-commerce sales. The need for cold chain solutions is rising as a result of the rise of organized retail outlets in developing countries. Increased funding for cold chain infrastructure and government programs aimed at reducing food waste will also propel industry expansion. There are substantial development prospects for the market due to the increasing use of technologies like automation and RFID in cold chain applications. Additionally, farmers are shifting their focus to cultivating fruits and vegetables as a result of the rising hazards and costs associated with grain crops. Since the majority of these crops need to be refrigerated, it is anticipated that the construction of cold storage facilities will be encouraged.


Government initiatives are contributing to India cold chain market share. Cold-chain infrastructure is necessary not only for agriculture and related businesses but also for food processing, immunization, and the chemical sector. The government of India has been taking various measures to develop cold-chain infrastructure. They have curated policies like Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana (PMKSY), Integrated Cold Chain and Value Addition Infrastructure, Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH), Capital Investment subsidy scheme for Construction/expansion/modernisation of Cold Storage and Storage for Horticulture Products, Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana, among others.


Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR ) and Navratna Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) recently made deal with Japan-based "Innovation Thru EnergyTM" (ITE). It is aimed to bring innovative IceBatteryTM technology to the Indian market. Modern temperature-controlled 20-feet and 40-feet containers which will have cutting-edge DX (Digital) platforms will be introduced under this. They will solve important issues in cold chain logistics, like food waste, increasing logistics costs and fragile cold supply chain.


Top 10 Cold Chain Companies in India:

CEVA  Logistics SA

Headquarters: Marseille, France
Establishment: 1946


CEVA Logistics stands as a one of the global leading companies in third-party logistics. They cater to the needs of large and medium-sized national and multinational corporations for their transportation and supply chain needs. Their operations span over 1,300 facilities spread across more than 170 countries. They also offer customized solutions across contract logistics, ocean, finished vehicle transport, and others worldwide. They are revolutionizing the landscape of cold chain supply logistics by providing cutting-edge cold chain solutions, because of their strategic portside facilities like the one at London Gateway Port.


Snowman  Logistics Limited

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka
Establishment: 1993


Snowman Logistics is one of India's premier providers of temperature-controlled logistics services. They have their top-notch warehousing facilities in key cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru. They also offer integrated distribution solutions. Snowman is known for ensuring the quality and temperature integrity of their clients' products from start to finish. They use cutting-edge technology and also adhere to global standards to optimize operations and deliver exceptional service.



Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana
Establishment: 1996


TCIEXPRESS is a multispecialty company in express distribution in India. With a big local and international distribution network that currently consists of 650 owned centers serving more than 40,000 destinations, TCIEXPRESS has expanded quickly. With a wide range of services extended all over India—surface, e-commerce, domestic and international air, priority, and reverse express services—TCIEXPRESS is well-equipped to provide time-definite solutions to 704 out of 712 districts in India. The company is also a leading name in on-time delivery services. It has achieved this through a system of distribution architecture based on a hub and spoke that moves freight fast over very well-connected routes.


GK  Cold Chain Solutions

Headquarters: Dharuhera, Haryana
Establishment: 1984


GK Cold Chain Solutions formerly known as was Gati Kausar India Ltd., is a part of Gati Ltd. They have been serving customers in India with end-to-end supply chain management, right from transportation to warehousing of a large assortment of dry, ambient, chilled, and frozen goods. They provide green methods, and their vehicles and warehouses have advanced technology. Multinational blue-chip companies like Rich Graviss, Vadilal, Dinshaw's, and Mondele seek their help in transporting and storing their products because of their expertise in the cold chain business in India.


Coldrush Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Establishment: 2012


Cold Rush Logistics offers ambient, chilled, and frozen warehousing in comprehensive storage facilities. They have a team that ranges from the original to the current Coldrush founded by industry-wide experts with years of knowledge and experience and a company committed to working with clients based on sharing cold chain solutions for projects offer each client and project the utmost consideration. They are based on the cumulative vision of the best professionals in the field.


ColdEX  Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana
Establishment: 2005


ColdEX Logistics with 650 units, is one of the largest company-owned cold chain fleets in India. Majorly their cars are used for the primary and secondary delivery of goods which are needed to be kept at a specific temperature. They operate in three categories, namely ambient, chilled, and frozen. ColdEX has always been firm and believed in nurturing healthy relationships with its clients by providing large international restaurant chains (QSR segment) with food service market solutions for supply chain, distribution, logistics, and warehousing, depending on their unique requirements and financial constraints.


Gubba Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1987


Gubba Group Ltd. has marked itself as a leading name in cold storage services. They established themselves as the first-ever commercial cold storage in Andhra Pradesh. This company has been growing with a base of solid performance, new technologies, facility expansion, and a team of dedicated professionals. They specialize in offering custom chambers for foundation seeds, having 25 chambers that cater to different temperature and humidity solutions. Gubba Group Ltd. is one of the only cold storage in India having low, high, and average humidity cold storage.


Future  Enterprises Limited

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1987


Future Group has been working in all spheres of society, sectors, and geographical areas by being the top retailer in India. They provide their clientele with brilliant service, innovative products, and a wide assortment of goods. FEL is connecting the infrastructure with the retail arm and servicing the front end in many formats. They have introduced cutting-edge and modern supply chain management techniques in India through the adoption of worldwide best practices that have been customized and best fitted for Indian conditions. Future supply chain (FSC) part of FEL has been a pioneer and leader in modernizing logistics and supply chains in India.


Container  Corporation of India Limited (Fresh and Healthy Enterprises Ltd.)

Headquarters: Delhi, India
Establishment: 1988


Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR) is the dominant player in this sector of Containerized Multimodal Logistics Services in India. It constructs multimodal transport and logistics infrastructure to support the rapidly growing internal and international trade of India. The modern agri-logistic center FHEL, a subsidiary associated with CONCOR, handles all manners of fruit and vegetable commodities. The client can avail of the following warehouse solutions: Custom Bonded Cold Storage, Cold Storage / Chiller Storage, and Controlled Atmosphere Storage wherein fruit and vegetable items like apples, kiwis, pears, grapes, walnuts, almonds, fruit syrup, nectarine, etc. are already being stored.


Coldman  Logistics Pvt Ltd

Headquarters: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 2016


COLDMAN provides temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics services for various industries, with a major thrust on technology-driven operations. Right from the source to the consumption point, they offer end-to-end solutions. The gas used by Coldman is FREON R404a, which is an environmentally benign refrigerant. The chambers that are intended are created with an Ante Room at -5°C to cater to the unique requirement of the product temperature at -28°C. Coldman offers a variety of specialized warehousing solutions that are expandable to meet the customer's needs or a single product. They provide six different temperature zones, ranging from -30 to +30 degrees Celsius, spread across key Indian regions.


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