Top 10 Companies in the Indian Advertising Market, Driven by Increasing Trend of Programmatic Advertising

Indian Advertising Market


Crayons Advertising Limited, The DDB Mudra Group, Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd, Avail Advertising India Pvt Ltd, Triverse Advertising Pvt. Ltd, Purnima Advertising Agency Pvt. Ltd, Web Cures Digital, Urja Communications Pvt. Ltd, SocialPulsar, and Dentsu India, among others, are the major players in the Indian advertising market.


The Indian advertising market reached a value of about INR 916.32 billion in 2023. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.0% in the forecast period of 2024-2032 to reach around INR 2344.01 billion by 2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the increasing penetration of different media outlets in the region.


Advertising, a crucial component of marketing communication, endeavours to sway, educate, or influence individuals or collectives towards specific actions. It permeates various communication channels, spanning traditional mediums like television, radio, print, and outdoor platforms, alongside digital avenues such as social media, email, and search engines. Serving as a strategic tool for promoting products, services, or causes, advertising encompasses diverse formats including television, print, radio, internet, mobile, and outdoor displays. It serves as an effective means to bolster brand recognition, being cost-effective, accessible, and conducive to direct consumer engagement.


Moreover, advertising fosters market expansion, sales augmentation, and business outreach, while also facilitating consumer education, sales support, and employment generation. By furnishing consumers with product information and enhancing decision-making, advertising perpetuates business competitiveness across various platforms, including roadside billboards, websites, and product packaging, within the Indian context.


Media and Entertainment India Share of Major Industry Segments 2023


The Indian advertising market growth hinges significantly on the proliferation of various media platforms across the region. The country's burgeoning economy offers advertisers a plethora of growth prospects, complemented by the expanding array of media channels. Economic advancement has correspondingly elevated consumer purchasing power, fostering a brand-conscious and affluent consumer base.


The ascent of interactive and shoppable ads is notable, given their capacity to amplify user engagement. This surge coincides with the rapid proliferation of internet connectivity and smartphone adoption across India, catalysing considerable expansion in the advertising sector. This digital surge has presented advertisers with fresh opportunities, facilitating outreach to a broader and more varied audience. Notably, the pervasive utilisation of smartphones has extended the reach of digital advertising even to the remotest corners of the country, accelerating the Indian advertising market development.


In January 2024, Kai India launched its 'Cutting-Edge' ad campaign, featuring managing director Rajesh U Pandya, to underscore kitchen safety. With a 115-year legacy, KAI focused on crafting premium kitchenware, reaffirming its dedication to safety in culinary endeavours. The campaign centred on the significance of safety during vegetable and ingredient cutting, advocating for knives prioritising safety and efficiency. It highlighted Kai's commitment to quality and safety, offering a range of knives for amateur and professional chefs alike.


Top 10 Advertising Companies in India:

Crayons Advertising Limited

Headquarters: New Delhi, India
Establishment: 1986


Since its founding in 1986, Crayons Advertising Private Limited has been committed to innovative and integrated marketing strategies, empowering brands through effective communication. As a fully independent Indian agency, Crayons offers world-class creative solutions tailored to local trends and nuances. With nine offices across various regions, Crayons excels in understanding and addressing the diverse needs of its clients, making it a formidable player in the advertising landscape since its inception.


The DDB Mudra Group

Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Establishment: 1980


Putting people first, DDB Mudra Group prioritises talent, diversity, and community impact. By fostering a culture where every individual contributes uniquely, they've built India's most revered brands across various sectors. Their commitment to diversity is evident through initiatives like The Phyllis Project and OPEN Pride, earning accolades including APAC Agency of the Year and Cannes Network of the Year. DDB's emotionally-driven creativity influences consumer behaviour, transforming businesses and addressing societal challenges, making them a trailblazer in advertising and marketing.


Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: New Delhi, India
Establishment: 1999


Creation Infoways, founded by industry veteran Satya Satapathy, is a digital marketing agency known for its client-centric approach and innovative solutions. With a dedicated team committed to driving brand growth and sales, they offer tailored marketing strategies and cutting-edge technology solutions for small to midsize companies. Their expertise spans web development, e-commerce, software development, and web promotion services, catering to clients worldwide. With a focus on fostering client relationships and nurturing their team, Creation Infoways delivers meaningful business results and establishes a strong online presence for their clients.


Avail Advertising India Pvt Ltd

Headquarters: Pune, India
Establishment: 1989


Avail Advertising India Pvt Ltd operates as a comprehensive advertising hub, offering branding, design, digital marketing, and event management services. With a dedicated team of 35 employees, they prioritise building lasting relationships with each client and product they work with. With a 25-year legacy, Avail Advertising has established itself as a leader in advertising and communication, serving clients across diverse sectors such as real estate, automobile, FMCG, education, hospitality, IT, healthcare, and fashion. Their innovative solutions have not only built brand identities but also enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.


Triverse Advertising Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Gurugram, India
Establishment: 2008


Triverse, a brand creative agency established in 2008, offers comprehensive creative solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. By blending informed strategies with meticulous attention to detail, Triverse crafts compelling brand designs that resonate with audiences emotionally and logically. From brand strategy to campaign development across traditional and digital platforms, Triverse ensures consistency and quality in all aspects of brand communication. As a top advertising agency in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Triverse prides itself on its agility, expertise, and commitment to delivering personalised attention and value to clients across diverse sectors.


Purnima Advertising Agency Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India
Establishment: 1994


Purnima Advertising Agency PVT. LTD., along with its affiliated companies Prithvi Outdoor Publicity and Digital Chakra, is a leading marketing communications provider with a revenue of Rs. 300 crores. Offering end-to-end solutions, the company specialises in brand strategy, design, and media planning across various platforms. With a presence in major Indian cities, it caters to a diverse clientele ranging from government to multinational corporations. The company’s expertise lies in meticulous media planning utilising cutting-edge tools and industry benchmarks like BARC, IRS, and TGI to ensure effective advertising across TV, radio, print, cinema, and out-of-home channels.


Web Cures Digital

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India
Establishment: 2013


Web Cures is a global provider of comprehensive web solutions, specialising in online marketing, website design, and development. With over five years of experience, the company’s expert teams deliver measurable results, including SEO services, mobile app development, and ecommerce solutions. The company prioritises understanding the clients' needs and tailor affordable solutions to meet their business objectives, ensuring success in the competitive online marketplace. Renowned for the full-service approach, the company helps clients achieve their goals through innovative strategies and reliable, industry-leading solutions, fostering trust and confidence in the services.


Urja Communications Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Establishment: 1986


In today's dynamic digital landscape, businesses face both opportunities and threats, necessitating distinctive and rapid communication strategies. With over two decades of experience, Urja Communications, an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency, understands the importance of strategically creative communication in driving brand success. Catering to diverse industries including BFSI, e-commerce, and retail, Urja offers tailored solutions ranging from creative communications to strategic partnerships, aimed at propelling brands forward. With a satisfied clientele including HDFC Bank, Ford, and Shoppers Stop, Urja remains committed to making a real difference in the digital realm.



Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 2015


SocialPulsar, an acclaimed digital marketing and marketing automation firm based in San Francisco, partners with clients to unlock brand potential through data-driven insights and cutting-edge strategies. Serving a diverse range of industries including finance, retail, healthcare, and more, the services encompass marketing automation, social media management, SEO, and app development. With a focus on leveraging automation and AI, the company offers tailored solutions to enhance brand visibility and drive business growth. The comprehensive approach includes web and mobile application development, AI chatbots, and CRM implementation.


Dentsu India

Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Establishment: 2003


Dentsu International is a leading provider of world-class solutions and services aimed at driving growth and transformation for businesses throughout the customer journey. With a focus on sustainable value and lasting change, the company collaborates with brands to achieve meaningful progress. Leveraging consumer intelligence, they empower brands to win, retain, and expand their customer base across all marketing channels. Through radical collaboration and innovative strategies, the company helps businesses move forward and thrive. Dentsu India, a part of the Dentsu Group Inc. network, offers digital and media-oriented services, partnering with brands to foster growth and positive impact.


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