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Top Companies with a Prominent Presence in the Global Liquid Eggs Market

top liquid eggs companies


Nature-Egg LLP, Global Food Group, Cargill Incorporated, Noble Foods company, Nest Fresh Eggs Inc., Bumble Hole Foods Limited, and Ovostar LTD, among others, are the key players in the global liquid eggs market.


The global liquid eggs market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of about 5.3% in the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by changing lifestyles and rapid urbanisation.


The market for liquid eggs is being driven by factors such as the increasing use of cosmetics, personal care and animal feed, and the growing population. Liquid eggs are easier to transport and handle, reduce wastage caused by breakage, and are better substitutes for shelled eggs. Furthermore, in the North America region, the growing awareness about the health advantages of liquid eggs and rising disposable incomes are fuelling the market growth.


The major players in the global liquid eggs market include Cargill Incorporated, Bumble Hole Foods Limited, among others. In liquid form, the applications and usability of eggs increases substantially. They can be accurately measured for recipes and other specific applications, and higher volumes can be obtained in a faster manner. Multiple types of liquid eggs are available, with general liquid eggs, egg yolks, egg whites, and other types of egg blends with sources ranging from conventional hens to cage-free pasture-raised. Players in the market continue to innovate with different formulations as well as packaging formats.


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Top 7 Companies in the World:

Nature-Egg LLP

Headquarters: Uttar Pradesh, India
Establishment: 2015


Nature-Egg LLP is an Indian company based out of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh that provides fresh and pasteurised liquid whole eggs, pure eggs, and pure egg yolks in various packaging. The company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of its products under the brand EggEasyTM, catering to commercial bakeries, restaurants, diners, hospitals, hotels, caterers, and others. It has its production unit near Delhi to provide the products to local customers within 24 hours.


Cargill Incorporated

Headquarters: Minnesota, United States
Establishment: 1865


Cargill, Incorporated is a global food corporation and one of the largest privately held American companies in terms of revenue. The company distributes grain and other agricultural products, produces food ingredients such as vegetable oil, protein, and fat, raises livestock and provides financial services. In addition, it provides animal nutrition, biofuels, meat and poultry, and industrial products. Cargill Incorporated employs 155,000 people working in 70 countries.


Nest Fresh Eggs Inc.

Headquarters: Colorado, United States
Establishment: 1991


Nest Fresh Eggs Inc. is an American company that provides poultry products. The company offers the top quality non-GMO and USDA certified eggs and egg products such as dried eggs, liquid eggs, shell eggs, hard-cooked eggs, heirloom eggs, and frozen eggs, among other products. It utilises family-owned farms as its core supply for the production of fresh eggs for retail and wholesale purposes in the United States.


Global Food Group

Headquarters: Weert, the Netherlands
Establishment: 1959


Global Food Group is a leading Dutch producer of liquid yolks, egg whites, and whole eggs. The company produces over 20 million eggs each week from 2 locations in the Netherlands and supplies them to the bakery, dairy and food and beverage industries globally. Global Food Group directs the production of high-quality egg products with a workforce of over 80 employees and generates a revenue of more than EUR 80 million annually.


Bumble Hole Foods Limited

Headquarters: Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1961


Bumble Hole Foods Limited is a United Kingdom-based egg processing company that operates from a state-of-the-art egg processing food factory in the United Kingdom. The company provides the liquid whole eggs, egg whites, egg yolks, egg blends, boiled and scrambled eggs and egg mayonnaise. It can produce over 2.5 million hard-boiled eggs a week and provides flexible packaging options to its customers in the form of pouches, buckets, bags and others.


Noble Foods company

Headquarters: Witney, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1920


Noble Foods company is a leading British supplier and market leader for egg products that meet the demands of retailers and customers. The company’s brands include Big & Fresh, Happy Egg Co, Heritage Breeds, and Purely Organic and produces over 400 tonnes of egg products weekly. The products are sold in a variety of sizes and are available as scrambled, boiled, and liquid eggs. It has four egg packing centres and over 440 egg suppliers across England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.


Ovostar LTD

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine
Establishment: 2000


Ovostar LTD is a Ukraine-based company and the largest liquid egg products producer in Ukraine. The company is a leading producer of eggs in Europe and produces over 2 million eggs daily, providing its products for confectionery, mayonnaise and sauces, bakery, meat, and fish products, and foodservice companies worldwide. It supplies pasteurised liquid eggs, egg powders, and chicken eggs to more than 50 countries.


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