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Rising Incidences of Chronic Disease Driving the United States Speciality Generics Market

top speciality generics companies in united states


Akorn Inc., Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC., Sandoz International GmbH, and Teva Pharmaceuticals, and USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science, among others, are the key players in the United States speciality generics market.


The United States speciality generics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% between 2022 and-2027.


Speciality drugs are referred to as drugs that require special handling, supervision, or administration. These drugs usually have complex chemical structures and delivery mechanisms, often requiring extensive research and development. The speciality generics industry in the United States is driven by the rising prevalence of several life-threatening diseases. as the manufacturing process of speciality generic drugs does not include marketing and development costs, they are available in the industry at a more affordable price point as opposed to their branded counterparts, which is further propelling the growth of the industry.


The increased frequency of chronic diseases is driving the speciality generics industry in the United States. Due to an increase in the number of rare disease cases in the United States, the business has seen tremendous growth. The industry is prospering in the country, with many significant industry companies launching medicines in tandem with the US FDA's favourable programmes, such as Breakthrough Therapy, which aims to broaden and smoothen the accessibility of these drugs to patients.


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Top 4 United States Specialty Generics Companies:

Akorn Inc.

Headquarters: Lake Forest, Illinois, United States
Establishment: 1971


Akorn is a speciality pharmaceutical company and a leader in branded and generic products in alternate dosage forms such as ophthalmics, injectables, oral liquids, optics, topicals, inhalants and nasal sprays. Akorn Brand RX is the speciality drugs and pharmaceuticals division for Akorn, providing instruments and drugs for oral, ophthalmic, and neural solutions, among others.


Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC

Headquarters: Bridgewater, New Jersey, United States
Establishment: 2002


Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an integrated speciality pharmaceutical company powered by a robust generics business and a growing branded business. Its generics business has grown to be among the largest in the United States. The company develops, manufactures, and commercialises complex oral solids, injectables, ophthalmics, liquids, topicals, softgels, inhalation products and transdermals across a broad range of therapeutic categories.


Sandoz International GmbH

Headquarters: Bavaria, Germany
Establishment: 1886


Sandoz is a global leader in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars. The Sandoz brand is a seal of quality, and healthcare professionals around the world and is trusted as a symbol of high-quality, affordable medications. Sandoz holds leading positions in areas ranging from generic cardiovascular, central nervous system, pain, and ophthalmology to respiratory and hormonal therapeutics.


Teva Pharmaceuticals

Headquarters: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Establishment: 1901


Teva Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in generic medicine. The company invests a lot of money every year to help its scientists develop speciality and biopharmaceutical treatments. In the United States, one out of every nine prescriptions is filled by a Teva product. Teva’s generic products support healthcare systems, as it strives for a healthier world. They are served by one of the largest and most complex supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry.

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