Expert Market Research Explores the Top 10 Companies in the Indian Vitamin Gummies Market

Indian Vitamin Gummies Market


Nestlé S.A., Amway Corp., Azveston Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Ikaria Wellness Pvt. Ltd. (Nyumi), Mosaic Wellness Pvt. Ltd. (Man Matters), Aesthetic Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. (Power Gummies), Novus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (Carbamide Forte), Health and Happiness (H&H) Trading India Limited (Swisse India), Nutriburst India Private Limited, Setu Nutrition Private Limited, among others, are the major players in the India vitamin gummies market.


The India vitamin gummies market reached a value of INR 76.37 crores in 2023. The market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 31% during the forecast period of 2024-2032, likely to attain a value of INR 867.72 crores by 2032, driven by the rising awareness about the importance of consuming adequate nutrition.


Vitamin gummies are chewy vitamin supplements for adults, women, and children with a candy-like texture and sweet flavor. They can be found in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Regular use of vitamin gummies may assist efficiently to meet the body's nutritional needs and offer significant benefits for general health.


India Nutraceuticals Market (INR Billions)


Gummy vitamins offer several benefits over traditional supplements, such as better taste and faster absorption leading to India vitamin gummies market growth. They are particularly helpful for patients who dislike the texture, taste, or odor of regular pills. Gummy vitamins are also a popular choice for those who experience pill fatigue. Gummies are appropriate for all age groups, can be customized to fulfill special requirements, and offer vital vitamins and minerals to prevent deficiencies and promote general health.


As per the India vitamin gummies market analysis, 70% of urban Indian women are deficient in important nutrients. Despite the presence of traditional dietary supplements in the market for years, they haven't embraced them. However, the emergence of gummies has introduced many newcomers to the world of daily vitamin intake. There are many options available on the market today, and businesses are working hard to accommodate consumer preferences by making supplement usage easy and available in a variety of ways.


Furthermore, the convenience and adaptability of gummies allow people to take their vitamins and nutraceuticals whenever and wherever they choose, which has increased the India vitamin gummies market share. It helps consumers to follow their supplement regimes with better accessibility, as they can take them wherever they are. Also, now there are gummies being tested and introduced which help with conditions like heart disease and cancer, increasing their potential in healthcare. Indian pharmaceutical companies are capitalizing on these emerging dosage form, targeting the benefit of consumers.


In 2023, a leading provider of health supplements, Power Gummies assigned USD 2 million for the establishment of a new plant in Manesar, Gurugram. They also launched Power Gummies Junior, which caters to the children aged 4 to 15 years, which offer blend of essential vitamins and minerals in mango and banana flavors. Also, the new manufacturing facility can produce 10,000 bottles daily, aiming to fulfil the increasing demand for health supplements.


Top 10 Vitamin Gummies Companies in India:

Nestlé S.A.

Headquarters: Vevey, Switzerland
Establishment: 1866


Nestlé  stands as a prominent global player in the food and beverage industry. Their extensive range spans across nearly every food and beverage sector, providing solutions for various life stages and daily occasions, supporting individuals in nurturing themselves and their loved ones. In 2011, Nestlé Health Science was launched. Under this, they offer array of vitamins, minerals, and supplements which are designed to support individuals in their quest for better health and positive lifestyle transformations.


Amway Corp.

Headquarters: Michigan, United States 
Establishment: 1959


Amway  is a health and wellness enterprise driven by entrepreneurial spirit. They are operating in over 100 global markets, which strives to enhance people's well-being. Amway's leading products include Nutrilite™, Artistry™, and XS™ energy drinks, exclusively distributed by independent entrepreneurs known as Amway Business Owners. Nutrilite™ supplements provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and potent phytonutrients sourced from plant-based elements, catering to the essential needs of bodies.


Azveston Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Bangalore, India
Establishment: 2011


Azveston  is dedicated to improving children's health through continuous innovation in technology and ingredients to develop new products. They pride themselves on their scientific expertise and research, which enable them to create high-quality products. They offer NutriBears, vitamin gummies designed to support overall health for both children and adults. These gummies combine essential nutrients with a delicious taste, making it easy and enjoyable to include vitamins in daily routine.


Ikaria Wellness Pvt. Ltd. (Nyumi)

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 2014


Nyumi  is dedicated to enhancing women's daily wellness by integrating the finest aspects of Indian and Western medical knowledge. Crafted by experts from Germany and India, Nyumi addresses nutritional deficiencies in women's diets. With a commitment to exceptional formulations, pure ingredients, and enhanced transparency, Nyumi seeks to revolutionize the conventional nutraceutical industry. Their gummies deliver essential nutrients in tasty, bite-sized pieces, making daily vitamin intake enjoyable and helping establish healthy habits effortlessly.


Mosaic Wellness Pvt. Ltd. (Man Matters)

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 2020


Mosaic  Wellness is a collective of digital-first health clinics unified under a single umbrella, all striving towards a shared mission: to enhance the well-being and fulfillment of Indians. Each platform equips a distinct group of people with the necessary tools to live a life of purpose and wellness. Under this, they have Man Matters which is a telehealth service which provide consultations and customized treatments for hair care, skincare, weight management, among others. They offer multivitamins for men which improves energy levels using Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.


Aesthetic Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. (Power Gummies)

Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi
Establishment: 2018


Power Gummies  is dedicated to transform nutrition by offering delicious and effective health solutions. They eliminate the complexities and aversions associated with traditional pill forms. They began with the creation of scientifically backed health products, using top-quality vegetarian ingredients to address the root causes of health issues and provide comprehensive nutrition. They offer gummies enriched with vitamins, promoting wellness through the joy of consumption.


Novus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (Carbamide Forte)

Headquarters: Mumbai, Mahrashtra
Establishment: 1976
Website: www.


Novus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.  is a prominent pharmaceutical company in India which is dedicated to the production, and export of pharmaceutical formulation. Carbamide Forte is a top-tier nutraceutical brand under Novus Life Sciences dedicated to sourcing premium ingredients. They utilize only pharmaceutical-grade materials known for their exceptional quality and potency. Our goal is to create formulations with carefully selected salts that genuinely enhance consumers' lives. They offer different vitamins aimed for improving health for men and women.


Health and Happiness (H&H) Trading India Limited (Swisse India)

Headquarters: Victoria, Australia
Establishment: 1974


Swisse  is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals by encouraging a vibrant life every day. The company operates through three distinct segments catering to the needs of babies, adults, and pets. Their premium product lines offer scientifically supported solutions in nutrition and wellness, spanning from popular multivitamins and supplements for men and women to sports nutrition, functional foods, among others.


Nutriburst India Private Limited

Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi
Establishment: 2019


Nutriburst  has established a notable presence in the health supplement industry, renowned for their innovative approach to health and wellness gummies. Their offer customers a delightful and uncomplicated experience with their nutrient-rich products, tailored to fit various lifestyles seamlessly. They are crafting health supplements that cater to everyone, irrespective of dietary requirements or religious beliefs, ensuring inclusivity for all.


Setu Nutrition Private Limited

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 2016


Setu  stands as a contemporary brand specializing in nutritional supplements designed to tackle the challenges arising from modern way of living. Their innovative solutions aim to enhance bodily functions, addressing conditions resulting from present-day lifestyles. They blend the potency of nature with cutting-edge technology and nutritional research. Setu ventures into the digital sphere, aiming to empower consumers with essential knowledge and a diverse array of choices.


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