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Vietnam LED Lights Market: By Type: Panel Lights, Down Lights, Flood Lights, Street Lights, Tube Lights, Bulbs; By Application: Indoor, Outdoor; By End Use:Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Others; By Region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa; Historical Production and Consumption (2015-2019); Production and Consumption Forecast (2020-2025); SWOT Analysis; Price Analysis; Porter’s Five Forces Analysis; Value Chain Analysis; Competitive Landscape & Supplier Analysis; Manufacturing Process; Production Cost Analysis

Vietnam LED Lights Market Key Insights:


  • Types: Bulbs, Tubelights, Panel Lights, Streetlights, Downlights, Floodlights, Others
  • Market Overview
  • Market Performance & Price Trends 2019
  • Market Analysis & Outlook 2020-2025
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Market Breakup by Application
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Capacity Addition & Plant Turnarounds
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


Market Outlook

The Vietnam LED lights market is being aided by the 35% per annum growth of the Vietnam LED lamp market. The Vietnam LED lights industry is also being driven by the growth of the global LED lighting market which reached a value of nearly USD 68 billion in 2019. The global LED lighting industry will grow at a robust CAGR of 14% in the forecast period of 2020-2025, attaining a value of USD 150 billion in 2025.

The market share for traditional lighting industry in Vietnam is expected to decrease with the growth of the LED lighting industry. LED lighting technology is replacing incandescent bulbs for street lighting applications at a rapid rate. Initially, the technology in Vietnam was restricted in its utilisation, finding uses in traffic lights and the advertisement industry. It has fast expanded to find applications in various sectors like in the restaurants and hotels as interior and exterior decorations

Vietnam LED Lights Market Report and Forecast 2020-2025

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LED will witness a higher penetration in the Vietnam market due to growing urbanisation in the country which will range between 27-45% by 2020. The thriving growth of commercial offices and a strong foreign investment in Vietnam is further expected to propel the industry forward.
Currently, about 200 companies have registered their LED products in Vietnam and have been divided into three broad groups. The first group, which contains 3% of the companies holding 10-20% market share in the Vietnam LED lights industry, have modern production lines, standard testing systems, and R&D centres. The second group comprises of foreign-invested enterprises whose selling prices are generally higher than the average prices by two to three times. Thirteen percent of the 200 companies are included in this second group, with their products holding a 15-20% market share. The third group dominates the market with 60-70% market share and comprises of 84% of the companies. These are the companies assembling their products from imported components, mostly from China.

LED: Properties and Applications

LED is a Light Emitting Diode where a semiconductor is used to produce light through the process of electroluminescence. LED lights are fast replacing traditional incandescent lights as they last longer, have a comparably cooler operating temperature, and are far more energy efficient. They are also far more versatile in its shapes, forms, and applications.

LED is used in multiple lighting products like: 

  • Bulbs 
  • Tubelights                    
  • Panel Lights                    
  • Streetlights                    
  • Downlights                    
  • Floodlights                    
  • Others

LED lights find their primary application in the infrastructure sector in segments like:

  • Commercial            
  • Residential            
  • Industrial                
  • Other

Market Analysis

The Vietnam LED Lights industry is expected to be supported by the various schemes of the government of Vietnam, promoting the use of energy efficient lighting due to the rise in electricity prices, growing concerns over energy wastage and climate change. Government programs are seeking the greater adoption of LED lighting by aiding the local LED lighting products manufacturing. The move away from compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) started in the early 2000s as the consumers in Vietnam moved towards LED lighting technologies. With growing awareness among the consumers about the environment, LED lighting has seen a rising demand due to their reduced energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases as compared to CFLs and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps.

The rising per capita income in Vietnam is expected to lead to an increasing demand for LED in the country. The growing infrastructure sector in the country will provide a further push to the Vietnam LED lights industry. According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, USD 150-160 billion is expected to be invested in new infrastructure by 2020. The LED lighting industry in the region is, thus, witnessing an increasing demand from lighting projects for newly-built factories and other commercially built infrastructure.

The thriving electronics industry is providing further impetus to the Vietnam LED Lights industry. Vietnam is attracting international investors from electronics and home appliances sectors, especially from Korea, due to the lower land resources and labour force cost, growing infrastructure sector, rising economy, and political stability. The recently developed smart lighting system will also drive the LED industry. For now, the use of smart lighting is restricted to outdoor and high-end commercial lighting.

Competitive Landscape

The report provides a detailed analysis of the following key players in the Vietnam as well as global LED lights market, looking into their competitive landscape, capacity, and latest developments like capacity expansions, plant turnarounds, and mergers and applications:

Regional Players:

  • Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask JSC (Ralaco) 
  • Dien Quang Light Source Company
  • Asled Co., Ltd
  • Others

Global Players:

  • Signify (Philips Lighting)
  • Osram Licht AG
  • Nichia Corporation
  • Cree Inc.
  • Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd
  • Others

The EMR report gives an in-depth insight into the industry by providing an analysis of the value chain and Porter’s five forces. It also provides a SWOT analysis of the market.

1    Preface
    1.1    Objectives of the Study
        1.1.1    Research Objective
        1.1.2    Key Findings of the Report
2    Research Methodology
    2.1    Data Extraction
    2.2    Data Corroboration
    2.3    Market Structure
    2.4    Assumptions
    2.5    Market Models
3    Introduction
    3.1    Market Outlook
    3.2    Market Scope and Segmentation
    3.3    Additional Insights
4    Executive Summary
    4.1    Key Market Developments
    4.2    Market Analysis
    4.3    Key Players
    4.4    Cost Structure
    4.5    Market Revenue and Growth
5    Market Dynamics
    5.1    Market Driver Analysis
    5.2    Market Restraint Analysis
    5.3    Industry Challenges
    5.4    Industry Opportunities
6    Global LED Lights Market Overview
    6.1    Chart: Global LED Lights Market Breakup by Type
        6.1.1    Panel Lights
        6.1.2    Down Lights
        6.1.3    Flood Lights
        6.1.4    Street Lights
        6.1.5    Tube Lights
        6.1.6    Bulbs
    6.2    Chart: Global LED Lights Market Breakup by Application
        6.2.1    Residential 
        6.2.2    Commercial
        6.2.3    Industrial
        6.2.4    Others
    6.3     Chart: Global LED Lights Market Breakup by Region
        6.3.1    North America
        6.3.2    Europe
        6.3.3    Asia Pacific
        6.3.4    Latin America
        6.3.5    Middle East and Africa
7    Vietnam LED Lights Market Analysis
    7.1    Chart:  Vietnam LED Lights Market Breakup by Type
        7.1.1    Panel Lights
        7.1.2    Down Lights
        7.1.3    Flood Lights
        7.1.4    Street Lights
        7.1.5    Tube Lights
        7.1.6    Bulbs
        7.1.7    Others
    7.2    Figure:  Vietnam LED Lights Market Breakup by Type: Historical Market (2015-2019) & Forecast (2020-2025)
        7.2.1    Panel Lights
        7.2.2    Down Lights
        7.2.3    Flood Lights
        7.2.4    Street Lights
        7.2.5    Tube Lights
        7.2.6    Bulbs
        7.2.7    Others
    7.3    Chart:  Vietnam LED Lights Market Breakup by Application
        7.3.1    Indoor
        7.3.2    Outdoor
    7.4    Figure: Vietnam LED Lights Market Breakup by Application: Historical Market (2015-2019) & Forecast (2020-2025)
        7.4.1    Indoor
        7.4.2    Outdoor
    7.5    Chart:  Vietnam LED Lights Market Breakup by End Use
        7.5.1    Residential 
        7.5.2    Commercial
        7.5.3    Industrial
        7.5.4    Others
    7.6    Figure:  Vietnam LED Lights Market Breakup by End Use: Historical Market (2015-2019) & Forecast (2020-2025)
        7.6.1    Residential 
        7.6.2    Commercial
        7.6.3    Industrial
        7.6.4    Others
8    Vietnam LED Lights Price Analysis
9    Comparison of LED’s with Conventional Lighting Technologies
10    SWOT Analysis

    10.1    Overview
    10.2    Strengths
    10.3    Weaknesses 
    10.4    Opportunities
    10.5    Threats
11    Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    11.1    Overview
    11.2    Buyer’s Power
    11.3    Supplier’s Power
    11.4    New Entrants
    11.5    Degree of Rivalry
    11.6    Substitutes
12    Value Chain Analysis
13    Competitive Landscape & Supplier Analysis

    13.1    Regional Players:
        13.1.1    Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask JSC (Ralaco) 
        13.1.2    Dien Quang Light Source Company
        13.1.3    Asled Co., Ltd
        13.1.4    Others
    13.2    Global Players:
        13.2.1    Signify (Philips Lighting)
        13.2.2    Osram Licht AG
        13.2.3    Nichia Corporation
        13.2.4    Cree Inc.
        13.2.5    Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd
        13.2.6    Others
14    New Technology
15    Events and Developments

Additional Customisations Available:

16    Manufacturing Process
    16.1     Detailed Process Flow
    16.2     Operations Involved
    16.3     Mass Balance
17    Production Cost Analysis
    17.1    Land, Location and Site Development
    17.2    Construction
    17.3    Plant Machinery
    17.4    Cost of Raw Material
    17.5    Packaging
    17.6    Transportation
    17.7    Utilities
    17.8    Manpower
    17.9    Other Capital Investment

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