Top 5 Leading Companies in the Haptic Technology Market Across the Globe Working on Innovative Technologies

Top 5 Leading Companies in the Haptic Technology Market


Immersion Corporation, Johnson Electric Holdings Limited, Force Dimension, 3D Systems, Inc., and Ultraleap Limited, among others, are the key players in the global haptic technology market.


The global haptic technology market witnessed a healthy growth in the historical period of 2017-2021 aided by the rising demands for consumer electronic devices. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14% during the forecast period of 2022-2027.


Haptics is a term that is used to describe the user using their sense of touch to experience the technology. Haptics provides an interface between the user and the connected device. It is used to enhance user experience through tactile feedback, which may include the use of sound, light, and touch. This technology finds its use in joysticks, controllers, mobile phones, and steering wheels in video games. Technological advancements have driven the growth of the market.


Early adoption of technology and rapid advancements in the field have provided the impetus to market growth, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, the sector is likely to be propelled forward by global research and development efforts as well as the need to discover innovative applications for haptic technology. Market growth is likely to be aided by changing lifestyles and rising demand for touchscreens to improve the consumer experience.


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Top 5 Global Haptic Technology Companies:

Immersion Corporation

Headquarters: San Jose, California, United States
Establishment: 1993


Immersion is the leading innovator of touch feedback technology. Its technologies have been adopted in more than 3 billion devices in industries such as gaming, medical, and consumer electronics. The company has partnered with various companies such as Panasonic, Bosch, AlpsAlpine to innovate and improve on this technology. The company’s offices worldwide provide services/support, licensing options and software to help industry-leading electronics companies create high-quality haptic experiences.


Johnson Electric Holdings Limited

Headquarters: Hong Kong
Establishment: 1959


Johnson Electric Holdings Limited is a global leader in electric motors, actuators, motion subsystems and related electro-mechanical components. The company provides for industries such as automotive, medical devices, business equipment, home automation, and ventilation, among many others. Johnson Electric provide two haptics products - haptic actuators and haptic motors, under the HA series.


Force Dimension

Headquarters: Nyon, Switzerland
Establishment: 2001


Force Dimension specialises in haptic technology. It provides various haptic products and solutions for medical, aerospace, and research applications. Its products include the omega.x series, sigma.7, lambda.7, and delta.3. For the control of these products, Force Dimension also provides Force Dimension SDK. The company also owns an open-source haptic simulation software called CHAI3D.


3D Systems Inc.

Headquarters: South Carolina United States
Establishment: 1986


3D Systems is primarily a 3D printer manufacturing company but has expanded its horizons to other products as well. It provides 3D printers, materials for the 3D printers, software for designing and manufacturing, and haptic devices. Its haptic portfolio includes products such as the phantom series, and the touch series. It also provides an open-source software named OpenHaptics for these devices.


Ultraleap Limited

Headquarters: Bristol, United Kingdom
Establishment: 2013


Ultraleap is a leading mid-air haptics company. It provides hand tracking products, virtual reality mounts, haptic products, touchless interfaces, and various software. The haptic products include the STRATOS Explore and STRATOS Inspire. STRATOS Inspire is an easy-to-use plug-and-play device, requiring minimum installation. STRATOS Explore is a flexible and scalable high-end haptics development kit.

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