Top 5 Companies Leading the Global Linerless Labels Market

top linerless labels manufacturers


The global linerless labels market would likely grow at a CAGR of 5.6% during 2024-2032. Linerless labels refer to pressure-sensitive labels that do not carry a liner. These have a special release coating that permits the winding of the labels on a roll without the adhesive sticking to the label underneath. The coating also forms a chemical, UV, and moisture resistant barrier. Applications include pharmaceutical labelling, food and beverage, parcel delivery, and retail, among others. North America, Europe, and Asia are likely to be significant markets. 


With increasing attention to sustainable manufacturing, linerless labels are becoming increasingly popular. Linerless labels are considered an environmentally-friendly alternative, with businesses of varying sizes adopting linerless media for sustainable printing. Sustainable benefits of linerless labels include reduced waste and need of less material for production. Uses of linerless labels in sustainable manufacturing are expected to drive the global linerless labels market.


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Top 5 Companies in the Global Linerless Labels Market

SATO Europe GmbH

Headquarters: Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg
Establishment: 1940 


SATO Europe GmbH specializes in print & apply solutions, manual labellers, technical support, barcode label printer, and labels. SATO is a key international provider of Auto-ID solutions that help connect people, info, and goods. The company serves a wide range of customers, providing end-to-end solutions that enable streamlining of operations, empowerment of the workforce, and customers decrease their environmental impact. SATO Europe offers an extensive range of integrated labelling and auto-identification solutions for sectors including healthcare, transport & logistics, food & drink, retail and manufacturing. It is a leader in hand held labellers, automatic print and apply systems and RFID technology.


R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Establishment: 1864


R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company is a key international provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communications. It specializes in Creative Services, Digital Marketing, Business Process Outsourcing, Advanced Analytics, Direct Mail, Content Management, In-Store Marketing, Commercial Print, Printed Electronics, Packaging and Labels, Global Distribution, Print Management, Marketing Communication, Kitting and Fulfillment, Forms, and Marketing Communications. 


Optimum Group

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, IL
Establishment: 2007


Optimum Group is an international provider of engineering knowledge management products, services and technologies. The company develops products and technologies including Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals, Computer Based Training & 3D CAD based Interactive documentation tools. The company specializes in Production & assembly Files, Production Engineering, Software Development- IETM, Technical Writing & Training, E-Learning, CBT, Animation & Video Production, Online Help, Marcom Services, Augmented Reality, Public Relations, and Wearable Computing.


Skanem AS

Headquarters: Stavanger, Rogaland
Establishment: 1905


Skanem AS is a key producer of self-adhesive labels in Europe with 11 production sites in 8 nations, and nearly 1,000 employees.


UPM-Kymmene Corporation

Headquarters: Helsinki, FI


UPM-Kymmene Corporation specializes in EU Eco-label, Sustainable Foresting, Packaging Paper, Printing Paper, Water Energy, Bio-energy, Wood, Pulp, Plywood, Printing Training, Paper Training, Self-adhesive Labels, Newspaper, Paper Recycling, Magazine Paper, Finepaper, Biochemicals, Biofuels, and Biomedicals. The company delivers renewable and responsible solutions and innovates for a future beyond fossils across six business domains -  UPM Energy, UPM Biorefining, UPM Specialty Papers, UPM Raflatac, UPM Communication Papers and UPM Plywood.


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