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Expert Market Research Explores the Top 5 Companies in the Global High-Performance Fibre Market

 Top 5 Companies in the Global High-Performance Fibre Market


The key players in the global high-performance fibre market are Owens Corning, DuPont, Toray Industries, Hexcel Corporation, Teijin Limited, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Kureha Corporation, Koninklijke DSM N.V., and ZOLTEK Corporation, among others.


The global high-performance fibre market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% between 2021 and 2026.


High-performance fibres are specialised fibres that add value to a variety of applications. These fibres are usually referred to as fibres having some distinct features that are well-suited to a specific application. High-performance fibres, in general, have remarkable tensile strength and modulus and resistance to heat, flame, and chemical agents that can quickly degrade conventional fibres. The  main applications of the product include  the automotive and aerospace and  defence industries, as along with the construction, energy, and telecommunications sectors.


The increasing use of renewable energy in the market and the rising demand for more excellent safety and security are the primary factors driving the industry's expansion. In the coming years, new avenues in the wind energy sector are expected to generate opportunities for the industry. During the forecast period, the Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate the market.


The high-performance fibres are ideal for various aerospace and defence applications because they provide the necessary strength, endurance, and stability. High-performance fibre-reinforced plastics are used in missile defence, ground defence, and military marine in the defence industry. The aerospace industry in Asia Pacific is rapidly expanding  owing to the increasing government spending on defence systems and technologies. Furthermore, in terms of passenger travel, Southeast Asia continues to be the fastest-growing region.


In the forecast period, the increasing use of high-performance fibre in aircraft, combined with the growing number of aircraft launched in the market each year, is likely to present a significant potential opportunity for the high-performance fibre market in the aerospace industry.


Carbon fibre, aramid fibre, ceramic fibre, glass fibre, polybenzimidazole (PBI), polyphenylene sulphide (PPS), and PE fibre, among others are the different types that form the global high-performance fibre market. The market is divided into automotive, aerospace and defence, building and construction, electronics and communications, energy, textiles, sports and leisure, among others based on application. Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa are the regions that make up the global high-performance fibre market.


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Top 5 Global High-Performance Fibre Companies:

Owens Corning

owens corning

Establishment: 1938
Headquarters: Toledo, Ohio, United States


Owens Corning is a company that develops, produces, and sells insulation, roofing, and fibreglass composites. The company's market-leading businesses use their deep experience in materials, manufacturing, and building science to design products and systems that conserve energy and increase comfort in commercial and residential structures that are global in scope. The company employs 19000 people in 37 countries and has been a Fortune 500 company for 63 consecutive years.



dupont logo

Establishment: 1897
Headquarters: Wilmington,  Delaware, United States


DuPont has been developing and reinventing itself for more than 200 years in order to provide clients with technology-driven solutions. DuPont is present all over the world, collaborating with industry leaders in fields such as safety, healthcare, electronics, transportation, and construction.


Toray Industries

toray industries

Establishment: 1926
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan


Toray Group is a global chemical industry conglomerate with operations in 29 countries. The company uses polymer chemistry and biotechnology as its primary technologies to incorporate nanotechnology into its operations. Toray promotes the global development of carbon fibre composite materials, pharmaceuticals and medical products, and progress in other pivotal business fields.


Hexcel Corporation

hexcel corporation

Establishment: 1948
Headquarters: Connecticut, United States


Hexcel Corporation is the strength behind hundreds of products offered in different markets throughout the world as a leading producer of carbon fibre reinforcements and resin systems, as well as the world leader in honeycomb manufacturing for the commercial aerospace industry. The company develops manufactures, and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials.


Teijin Limited

teijin limited

Establishment: 1918
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan


Teijin is a technology-driven multinational corporation with over 20,000 diverse employees and 160 subsidiaries in over 20 countries. High-performance fibres such as aramid, carbon fibres and composites, films, resins and plastics processing, polyester fibres, product converting, healthcare, and information technology are the company's main areas of operation.


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