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Expert Market Research Explores the Top 6 Companies in the Europe Personal Safety Alarms Market

Top 6 Companies in the Europe Personal Safety Alarms Market


Skyguard Ltd, Security-Discount Germany, Tetronik GmbH, RTLS Communications Ltd, First Line Protect, and Mobile Software AS are the major players in the Europe personal safety alarms market.


The Europe personal safety alarms market is being supported by the expanding global personal safety alarms market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% in the forecast period of 2021-2026.

Rising concerns about the protection of women, children, and the elderly have increased the demand for personal safety solutions worldwide. Personal safety alarms are regarded as a more discrete and low-risk alternative to teasers and pepper sprays, both of which carry considerable legal risk.


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In countries like Ireland and the United Kingdom, most of the elderly choose to live alone. These alarms give them a sense of security. Furthermore, governments are encouraging senior citizens to use personal safety alarms. As a result, demand for personal safety alarms among the elderly is predicted to rise, propelling the market forward during the forecast period. To meet the increased demand for personal safety alarms in Europe, the major players in the market are developing innovative solutions and new products.


Top 6 Personal Safety Alarms Companies in Europe:

Skyguard Ltd

Establishment: 2000
Headquarter: Epsom, Surrey

Skyguard Ltd offers a variety of custom-designed, cutting-edge personal safety equipment. Over half of all the United Kingdom police forces employ Skyguard's technology to protect society's most vulnerable citizens. The company operates in 36 countries across Europe and South Africa. Skyguard Ltd is part of the Send For Help Group – the world's largest lone worker protection provider. Skyguard’s portfolio of dedicated devices includes features such as GPS, two-way voice, Mandown and on-demand tracking. They have also developed Europe’s smallest and lightest GPS alarm - MySOS, which can be worn as an ID card, pendant, or attached to a belt or keyring.

tetronik GmbH

Establishment: 1958
Headquarter: Taunusstein, Hessen

tetronik is a medium-sized German high-tech company that operates independently. As a team of 30 people, the company works to create, produce, and distribute information technology systems ranging from customised solutions to standardised systems utilised worldwide. DAKS, a multi-channel Digital Alarm and Communications Server marketed primarily as a Unify product, is at the top of the company's product portfolio. 

RTLS Communications Ltd

Establishment: 2015
Headquarter: Uxbridge, England

RTLS Communications Ltd specialises in integrated healthcare communications throughout the United Kingdom, including nurse call, warden call, baby tagging, panic alarm, and real-time location systems. Products offered by RTLS Communications include nurse care call systems, staff attack systems, WC alarms, real time location systems, and baby tagging systems, among others.

Security-Discount Germany

Establishment: 1996
Headquarter: Darmstadt, Germany

Security-Discount Germany offers day-to-day security products for personal security. It has quickly established an excellent reputation as a reliable and timely security goods mail-order firm. Products offered by Security-Discount Germany include personal alarm, stun gun, pepper-spray, tear gas, and N on-lethal guns, among others.

First Line Protect

Establishment: 2016
Headquarter: London, Greater London

First Line Protect specialises in developing assisted living solutions for professional care providers. It is an innovative software dedicated to providing sustainable communications. Its technology is designed to ensure peace of mind across 28 European countries. Personal SOS alarm is at the top of the company’s product portfolio.

Mobile Software AS

Establishment: 2015
Headquarter: Tønsberg, Vestfold

Otello has signed an agreement with Mobile Software AS to supply bSafe to partners in 30 countries, primarily in Asia and Latin America, with over 2 billion customers. RapidSOS and Mobile Software AS have signed an agreement to provide safety and security services to the United States market. Mobile Software AS develops security and safety technology for businesses, individuals, mobile operators, alarm centres, and public authorities.

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