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Top 7 Companies Dominating the Global Carbon Nanotubes Market

Top Carbon Nanotubes Companies


Arkema Group, Toray Industries, Inc., Carbon Solutions, Inc., Cheap Tubes Inc., Nanocyl SA, Jiangsu Cnano Technology Co., Ltd, and CHASM Advanced Materials Inc., among others, are the major players in the global carbon nanotubes market.


The global carbon nanotubes market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% in the forecast period of 2023-2028. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be aided by the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of nanotubes.


Carbon nanotubes have excellent chemical and mechanical properties, due to which they are extensively used in the semiconductor, battery, automotive, and semiconductor sectors. The use of carbon nanotubes as additives to enhance electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, among others, is propelling the market growth.


The high thermal and electrical conductivity, flexibility, and excellent tensile strength are surging the use of carbon nanotubes in biomedical, air and water filtration, and energy storage applications, among others. Various leading companies in the market are increasingly investing in carbon nanotube manufacturing capabilities due to the rising demand for electric vehicle batteries, which is augmenting the market.


In March 2021, Cabot Corporation announced the launch of its new ENERMAX™ 6 carbon nanotube (CNT) series, its latest high-performance CNT. The CNTs have a high aspect ratio, which makes them one of the most conductive multi-wall CNT offered by the company. It also effectively enhances battery performance while enabling higher battery density.


The new series by Cabot Corporation reduces the total loading of conductive carbon additives for achieving electrode conductivity while lowering the DCIR of the battery cell. Through the launch, the company aimed to advance its expertise in energy storage solutions and bolster the development of innovative and sustainable products.


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Top 7 Carbon Nanotubes Companies in the World:

Arkema Group

Establishment: 2006
Headquarters: Colombes, France


Arkema Group is a prominent materials and specialty chemicals company that aims to meet the diverse demands for sustainable and innovative materials for new energy and mobility applications. Its products and solutions are used in various sectors, including packaging, cosmetics, sporting goods, and aeronautics, among others. Through its extensive research and development activities, the company aims to develop bio-based and lightweight materials and coatings as substitutes for traditional materials.


Toray Industries, Inc.

Establishment: 1926
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan


Toray Industries is a company that is engaged in the processing, manufacturing, and sales of carbon fibre composite materials, fibres, and environment and engineering products. By 2050, the company aims to achieve net-zero emissions. The company extensively invests to bolster its research and development activities for developing new and innovative materials.


Carbon Solutions, Inc.

Establishment: 1998
Headquarters: California, United States



Carbon Solutions Inc. is a prominent nanotechnology company and a leading manufacturer of high-quality chemically processed carbon nanotube materials for use in commercial applications. The company also actively collaborates with various businesses to develop flexible electronics, carbon nanotube-based sensors, visible and infrared photodetectors, and transparent conductors. Moreover, it provides contracts for speciality manufacturing services.


Cheap Tubes Inc.

Establishment: 2005
Headquarters: Vermont, United States


Cheap Tubes Inc. is a company that aims to provide low-cost and high-quality nanotube and graphene nanomaterials at affordable prices for various sectors. It utilises ultrasonic probes for dispersing its nanoparticles. Its products have been used by more than 5,000 clients across the globe. It ships its products to Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, among others.


Nanocyl SA

Establishment: 2002
Headquarters: Sambreville, Belgium


Nanocyl SA is a company that develops and markets high-quality carbon nanotube (CNT) solutions, MWCNT-based formulated products, and multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT). It intends to address challenges in the electronics, transport, and energy markets while bolstering the development of new solutions for the new market. In addition, the company aims to support customers through its innovative product portfolio.


Jiangsu Cnano Technology Co.

Establishment: 2011
Headquarters: Jiangsu, China


Jiangsu Cnano Technology is a company that is engaged in the production, research and development, and sales of graphene and carbon nanotubes. The company’s products are used in various commercial applications, including conductive polymer composites, lithium batteries, tyre rubber reinforcement, and antistatic coatings, among others. The company also owns more than 40 domestically and internationally valid patents for processing and preparing single-wall carbon nanotubes and multi-wall carbon nanotubes.


CHASM Advanced Materials Inc.

Establishment: 2015
Headquarters: Massachusetts, United States


CHASM Advanced Materials is a company that utilises carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for developing new advanced materials for supporting a sustainable and connected world. By leveraging carbon nanotubes, the company manipulates the properties of a product to make a meaningful impact on a global space. The company also offers engineering development and resources to its partners. In August 2021, the company completed a USD 15 million series C financing round to accelerate the penetration of its products for diverse applications.


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